Unsuspected Love

Jeena Ramos has friends that are harcore directioners but whenever they start talking about One Direction she doesnt listen. She does love their music but she has never seen a picture of them so she doesnt know what they look like, but what happens when one day she bumps into 5 handsome guys that are One Direction but she doesnt even know it. People start falling in love, drama, heartbreak, oh and did i forget to mention Jeena is only thirteen years old!!!!


4. Chapter 4

I felt a huge arm around me hugging me like if the let go I would leave and that person would never see me again. I opened my eyes and saw it was all the guys Niall and Harry were practically being squished by Zayn, Liam, and Louis. Who all were hugging the life out of me. I wiggled out of all of them and looked back at them they look so cute and innocent. Then the greatest idea came into my head and I had an evil smile on my face.

"Prepare to be pranked by the greatest pranker of all time boys." I said in a whisper so I wouldn't wake the boys.

Ok now I need to think who should I start with first I guess I should go by how much I know them so it'll be Harry first, then Niall, Louis, Liam, and lastly Zayn. Now that I think about it I haven't even talked to him I really need to get to know him more I should talk to him alone I guess.

Now back to the pranks.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AFTER THE PRANKS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I looked back at the best prank ever but it was kinda hard because they move alot in their sleep. It was so funny I was afraid if I looked at them any longer I would burst out laughing and they would wake up. So to make it short about what I did to the boys I got face washable hair paint and painted their hair different colors but it looked so real like if I really dyed their hair. Then I got washable markers and traced all the boys 6-packs and v-lines which was easy since they had only boxers on. Then I just wrote a bunch of little things on their faces and bodies and for the finishing touch I got a bunch of soap and put it all around the bed so that when they would stand up from the bed they would slip. Ok now I wanna see whats gonna happen.

I went to my stereo system and put a rock song then got my ear plugs so that when I put the volume on high it wouldn't sound so loud. Then I pressed play and put the music on the highest volume and it was pretty loud since there were speakers all around the plane.

It was the funniest thing ever I even took video right when the music was so loud the boys got out of the bed and onto the floor which had soap on it so they all fell. I couldn't stop laughing then I turned off the music and looked back at the guys but I had forgot about their hair and their bodies so this time I actually fell to the ground laughing so hard. All the guys looked at me with weird looks on their faces.

"Jeena umm are you ok?" Liam asked still looking at me weirdly because I couldn't stop laughing I was laughing so hard  I couldn't even talk so I just pointed to the huge mirror I had in the wall next to the bed. The guys all walked up to the mirror and started messing with their hair the paint did look so real and I was just waiting for what they would do.

"Jeena what the fuck did you do to our hair. Oh my god this will never come off your so stupid!" Zayn said while come closer to me with his hands in fists I thought he was going to hit me so I just backed away from him and I just looked at all the guys with watery eyes it was only a joke.

"I'm sorry and it will come off easily its just washable hair paint spray." I said already crying so hard and scared he would hit me. I looked back at the boys and saw Niall run into the restroom and wash his hair and when he came back it was back to his normal blonde hair.

"Lads she's right it comes off really easily." He said while looking at all the guys but I couldn't look at them I was still scared Zayn was going to hit me.

"Jeena I'm so sor-" Zayn tried telling me while coming closer but I was still scared he'd hit me.

"Please please don't hit me I'm sorry." I said still not looking at him and backing away from him even more.

None of the boys said anything after I said that so I just got up and walked towards the door to get out of the bedroom.

"I'm sorry." I said before I closed the door.

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