The next chapter of our Lives

Ariana and Louis are now married with One kid and soon one more. What has happened ? Did more problems start ? Does Ariana get more hate ? so many questions and such Little time :) Read to found out in " The next chapter of our loves "
(Im sorry the thingy sucks i didnt know what to write )

(Sequel to childhood bestfriend )


1. Oh no...

Arianas Pov

Yeepp even though its only been a year and a half since me and Louis got married but, I can just say so much has happened. Well Louis still sings in One direction and yeah ! they have gotten more popular. I did become a nurse and well.. I have a son named Aidan ( yeah i know it was Alex before but.. you think its a girl name at first so yeah) He is turning two today and well i have some news for everyone. Yeahh i was still in London. Sure your wondering where Louis and Aidan is. Aidan does travel with Louis and The boys, i know who the heck lets your husband take your one and soon to be two year old on tour ? I was thinking the same thing but eh they were just going to Australia and Louis promised to make sure Aidan's fine. And today there finally coming home ! I sure was in charge of decorating the house, Aidan has taken a liking toward toy story... Thanks alot Liam ! I finally finished with the backyard pool decorated, and the house covered in streamers, balloons, and a huge banner saying " Happy second Birthday Aidan ! " Aidan Looks Alot like me and Louis. Aidan has Louis' hair and Aidan has my eyes. But one thing Louis can take is Aidan's Personality. He was such a joy and such a handful. I check the time just a hour till they arrive.  I put my hands in my face and say " Its now or never " Over the past few days i have been throwing up and i think the worst. I walk over to my drawers and carefully open the bag with the pregnancy test. I jog on over to the bathroom and make sure to Lock the door on my way in. I open the box and take the thingy out, I sit on the toilet and pee on it. I set the test on the counter and waited. I started Pacing around the huge bathroom . My phone rang and i jumped. I check the caller I.d and it reads Chicka ! <3 Thank god.. its Amanda possibly the only one who knows i could be prego. I shakily answer it and say " Hello ? " ( Phone Convo) Amanda- Hey Ari... so are you.. ? Ari- I have no idea i just took the test and im just waiting. Amanda- Oh.. Hey Ari im boarding the plane now ill see you in a little bit okay ? Ari- yeah sure... I love you Amanda- Love you lots Bye babe (End)  I Look at the test and it reads (+) Oh no... I sit down on the cold floor and bring my Legs to my chest and hug them. Millions of thoughts run through my mind... What will Louis think ? Does he want another kid ? What will Aidan think ? Sure he was young but he was already so smart. and The last thing... Am i ready for another kid ? I start crying yeahh i still do cry. I wipe my tears and sniffle. I need to get ready... I strip down and jump into the shower. I exit the shower and wrap a towel around my self and walk over to my room.  I grab my dress thats a tube top thats white that ends around mid stomach area while the bottom part is a blue floral thing and it reaches around mid thigh. I layer my Jean vest on top. I slip my brown gold and bronze bracelets on. I walk over to the mirror and look at my stomach. I place my hand on my stomach and rub it. I walk over to my vanity and apply my natural eye makeup and my eye liner. I brush on my mascara and put my pink lipstick on. I brush and blowdry my hair and put it into a bun. I run into the bathroom and grab the box and the test and run outside. I throw it into the trash and put things over it to hide it. I walk in the back and put the food out. I sit down and i hear someone say " Hello ? Dear ? " I jump up and run inside. Mum ? Dad ? I said Looking around. I find them in the kitchen and i run and hug them.  They hug back and let go. My mum Looks around " Wheres the little munchkin ?" she says frowning. Mum Dont worry he's With Louis there most likely on there way here. I says rolling my eyes. I lead them into the living room and tell them to sit down. I hear the door bell ring and i scream " Coming " I then start feeling with sharp pain in my stomach. I gripe it and breath. What the heck ? I need to go to the hospital tomorrow... I walk over to the door and open it. I sigh in relief as i see my aunt, my uncle, ellie, Hayley, and Amanda. I hug them all as they walk in. Amanda gives me this like that says " Well are you ?" I nod and she pulls her hands to her mouth. She pulls me in for a hug then takes both of my hands. " Hey uhm guys were going for a walk we will be back soon " Amanda says pulling me outside but lets go as soon as we reach the driveway. We walk to the park then the questions come in. " So did you tell Louis ?" I shake my head, No im telling everyone today... i say frowning. she rubs my back and says " Hey, dont worry babe.. im here for you okay ? " I nod then soon have a weird craving for icecream. I turn to Amanda and said " Hey i want icecream" She nods then laughs. we walk to the icecream shop and start ordering. Uhm ill get a vanilla icecream cone please Amanda says pointing toward the icecream. Ill have a Large cup with chocolate icecream and some nuts.. lots of them. I say bringing my wallet out. The lady gives it to us then we pay. We begin making our way back to the house when Louis calls. I hand my icecream to Amanda then grab my phone. ( Phone Convo) Ari- Hey babe whats wrong ? Louis- Nothing we just got home We miss you Ari- oh yeah sorry i wanted Icecream Louis- Oh okay babe when are you coming home Aidan's Looking for you.. everyones here already. Ari- Im on my way okay ? Louis- okay see you soon okay Love you loads Ari- Love you too bye ( End )           I grab my icecream back and gulf it down. Me and Amanda run home and rush through the doors of our house. I Look around and notice there in the back. I start walking to the back when i hear crying. Aidan. I start running. I Look in the back and notice Aidan on the floor with Louis starting to pick him up. I run to Louis and take Aidan from him. I kiss Louis on the cheek and said what happened ?! Aidan continues crying while he burys his head in my shoulder. Adian refused to put his sunscreen on so he ran away from me and well he tripped Louis said having a worried Look on his face. I walk inside while Louis follows. I go in Aidan's blue room and sit him on the bed. I look at his knee and see a small scratch on his knee. I sigh and rub his head " Its okay Babe nothing too bad okay ? Just a little scratch. " He stops crying and says " Mummy " I smile and says " Yes babe ? " Louis then comes to my side and takes Aidans small fragile hand. " I want to be a singer like You and daddy " Aidan said giving his cheeky smile. I look at Louis then turn back to Aidan " Hey bug how did you know i can sing ?" Adian looks around and says " Uncle Harry said so " I nod then said Happy birthday " I walk over to his walk in closet and pull out this huge box. I slide it over to Aidan and he jumps down from his bed and runs to it. He rips it open to find Toy story action figures. His eyes grow huge and he starts jumping up and down " Thank you thank you mum and Dad !"  Me and Louis hug him tight when i get the throwing up feeling. I run to the bathroom and puke into the toilet. I hear running and feel someone rubbing my back. I get up and wash my mouth. Louis pulls me in for a huge and says " Ari are you okay " I nod then put a fake smile on my face. Aidan walks in crying again and my heart brakes. I hate it when Aidan crys its just uh... I kneel down to Aidans height and pull him in a huge huge. " Mummy why are you throwing up ?" Adian says. " yeah mummy why are you throwing up ?" Louis says crossing his arms across his chest. I turn to Aidan and said " Go to uncle Harreh okay bug " He simply nods then runs down the stairs. I turn to Louis and hug him. " Sweetie im just not feeling well okay " I say whispering into his ear. Louis hugs back and kisses me. What was a kiss turned into a make out session. Hey guys wha- Ohhhh Harry says leaning on the door frame. I pull away and said " Harry edward Styles where is my Kid ! " I brush past Harry and run down stairs. 

Louis' Pov

When Ariana bolted down the stairs I turned to Harry. Harry i have no idea whats up with Ari.. I begin. I mean shes been so nice to Aidan she even got him two gifts. Shes craving icecream, and shes throwing up. Harry shrugs then says " Lou dont worry " I nod then Amanda walks in looking at her phone " Hey Ari i set up you- ohh " Amanda says looking up and slowly backing out. No no your telling me ! i said chasing after her. She runs up to the third floor then goes in her room. I knock and say " Silly silly Amanda you know i have keys ". I hear silence then she specks " Silly silly Louis i know this about this house that you! dont even know " I frown and said " W-w-what do you mean ?" She laughs then i hear a door close. she shouldn't have a door in there ! I quickly unlock the door and find nothing. Sneaky Sneaky Amanda. I walk down to the first floor to find everyone talking.

Ariana's Pov

We finally finished eating. then it was time for cake. I bring the cake out then sing happy birthday to Aidan. We cut the cake then finally finish eating that. Aidan opens his gifts and thanks everyone. Then i had to say it.. " Hey uhm guys i have something to tell you " I say kinda raising my voice just so everyone can hear me.  I uhm i-i im.... Pregnant. I hear a round of " yay ! " I look to Louis and see him with a angry look and a sad Look on his face. I open my mouth but before i could say anything Louis runs away. I rub my head and say bye to everyone. I pick up a sleepy aidan and put him to sleep. I carry him up to his room and lay him down. I walk back down and told Liam and Hayley to watch him. Then left for my doctors Appointment. On my way in the hospital i call Louis. Voicemail.. " Hey Louis if your going to ignore me i think its better if i take Aidan and leave Id rather just save me the heartache. I hear " Ariana Tomlinson ? " and get up. I walk into the doctors room while she asks me questions. Turns out i was prego 3 weeks ago. " Mrs Tomlinson ? " I look up while the doctor says " Would you like to know if its a boy or girl ?" I nod. Well its a girl ! I breath and rub my stomach " Well im sure your going to be a joy " I leave the hospital and return home. I look around and see a note. I ignore it and walk up stairs Nothing. Then i start screaming " Liam ! Where the hell is my kid ! " I walk back down and walk to the note. " Dear Ari, Meet me at our secret place ? I have Aidan :)  Love your husband Louis " And he couldn't call ?!  I know its a type of romantic thing but not in the mood. I grab my keys and phone and walk out the door to meet Louis.


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