Never Ending

Hannah is moving to Holmes Chapel soon and doesn't know anyone, shes 18 and hates the new boyband One Direction.


5. Seriously

Annes POV

"Harry/"I told him seriously."I mean it mum. I know such much about Hannah!"He said looking at he sitting on a bench.I didnt even notice the screaming girls."Like what?"Gemma asked."Her favorite color is baby blue,she loves the way I smell, her favorite animal is a white tiger,she loves zoo's,she hates pizza,she loves biscotti,she hates when people ignore her,she loves annoying people,shes 18,her birthday is August 29! Just like Liams!"Harry exclaimed,clearly ignoring the screaming girls to."Wow"My daughter and I said in unison.Harry rolled his eyes and walked over to Hannah."What are we gonna do?"Gemma asked me."Harry loves her." I sighed, "Yes i know...". "Well?"Gemma waited."We tell her Dad,that their in love?"I suggested."Wow mum"Gemma facepalmed."Well I'm just a mum what do I know!"I said sarcastically."Lets go home"I say walking through the crowd of girs.Behind me Gemma and Harry and Hannah.Hannah and Harry were holding hands."ARE YOU GUYS DATING?"Screamed a girl."YES THEY ARE!"Gemma screamed at them. Harry and Hannah looked at eachother, like 'What the hell just happened'.
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