Never Ending

Hannah is moving to Holmes Chapel soon and doesn't know anyone, shes 18 and hates the new boyband One Direction.


6. Bye

Hannahs POV


    What did Gemma just say? "Umm excuse?"I say letting go of Harry's hand.oops that sounded mean."Gemma?"I asked her again."You're datin Harry Styles."She told me."I am?"I look at Harry.He shrugged his shoulders."C'mon keep moving!"Anne yelled.So many screaming girls....why do I have to life Harry. I just said I like Harry. Wait. What? Im confused.Oh well,I say think to myself and grab onto Harry's hand a run through the screaming crowd.I guess I do like him,maybe."Hannahh!!"Harry screamed/"Yeah!"I screamed back.while still running with our hands linked."Where's Gemma and Anne?"Harry asked  me. Crapppppp."No clue!"I stopped running and took a breath."Harry ARE YOU DATING HER?"Screamed a fan.Harry looked at me.'Why not?"I whisper in his ear."Yes"Harry answered the fan."EWW shes ugly!"Screamed another."HARRY I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU!"Screamed another one.I started to cry and I really dont know why."Eww Hazza you can do better!"Screamed the girl in the front row."Ewww,Harry date me instead!"She screamed again. Her poster said this "FOLLOW ME HARRY @iAshleyStyles I LOVE YOU #CALIFORNIADIRECTIONER". "Ignore then"Harry told me.But I couldnt they kept screaming out rude things about me."Im breaking up with Harry!"I say running away and never planning to go back.oops I left Harry,oh well his little fans deserve him not me,i suppose."Waait!!"I heard Harry scream.I ran harder and harder until I started to sweat.I got in a cab and told the driver this "Drive me to a local apartment please,anywhere just quick!".

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