Theres no Questioning Love.(Poetry competition)

This is a poem about a girl who unexpectedly finds love...


1. Theres no Questioning Love. (Poetry Comp)

You see me,

I see you,

Or could it be, that I just stare at you?

Maybe my heart confuses my head, into thinking your admiring me instead

Perhaps its only me who does, its only me who loves...

Some would say I dont know the meaning of such word,

But i know that im not confusing it with any ive heard,

Maybe ive just fallen, into like instead of love,

Maybe im unsure of any of the above...

All i know is that im taken with you, my love.

And it wasnt a choice, just a voice from above

Its like nothing else matters,

This feeling is great!

To good  to be true

 Me, and just you.





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