Never Said I Didn't Love Them...

I was known for not liking One Direction, nothing about them. Until the chance of a life time of auditioning for them as one of their opening acts came up, my friend begged me to go. Then secrets reveal, romance rises, drama awaits and what used to be a concert, changed into something different.

Author's Note: I'm the main character and just saying I was inspired from the story Stole My Heart to create this totally un-related story. My friend is not made upjust saying. Hope You Like It! (;


3. What's Wrong?

After the rest of the group came back from shopping, me and Louis decided to watch 'Mamma Mia'. I still can't figure out why he's know. Sad. Depressed. Angry. Any ways, the rest of the group came back from shopping with new stuff and Nandos.

"Hey, we ordered you guys some food." Niall said. He pointed at me, "We don't know what you wanted so we got you a whole wheat wrap, medium peri-peri." I had no idea what he said, but I just started to eat, because I was starving. "Mamma Mia, cool" Liam said. We ate and watched the movie in silence.

When we were done eating, we turned off the tv. "Hey." Aideen said. I was eyeing Louis the whole time. I need to find out soon. "You know what? I'm tired so I'm going to bed. Wake me up when it's dinner time or it's an emergency." Zayn said as he stood up and left the room. "I'm going to make myself a salad." Niall said. He just ate 2 wraps, a whole box of wings and he's still hungry? I guess Bop and Tiger Beat is true about Niall always hungry.  Liam, Harry and Aideen went to help. 

"What's wrong?, I need to know now." I told Louis. "Why? Why do you want to know what's wrong with me?" he snapped back I guess someone is in a mood ~CAT GROWL~ "Because maybe I can help. Come on! Tell me, I promise I won't tell anyone else." I swore. After a moment, he told me. "Fine.... Eleanor has cancer and is in the hospital for three months. That's what's wrong. What if she doesn't make it? What if she dies? I don't want her to. If she goes, then I don't know what the reason of staying alive is any more. She's the one that kept me alive. She goes I go too." Louis replied deeply. " She was everything I had, needed and wanted. I can't say good bye to her after or in between three months. She was mine. And I loved her. I still do. I just..." And with that, tears started rolling down his face like in Chucky Von Deetz.  

"That has got to be the most sweetest, emotional, deepest, most touching thing I ever heard. In my entire life." I said. "Thank-you, I always try to make all my speeches and myself sweet, emotional,deep, and touching." he laughed. Which made me giggle a bit. I knew it was hard for him. I can tell he didn't want people to remind him of it. "We were supposed to write two new songs for the tour. But I can't concentrate since Eleanor might never come back to me. Or her family, or even life." Louis said. Wow, crazy, funny, loud, goofball Louis Tomlinson turned into mellow, serious, quiet, emotional Mr. Tomlinson.

"Wait, why don't you write one of the songs to be about Eleanor. With the words you used in your little speech about if she goes, you go, if she dies, you have no reason to live. All the directioners will love it and it will be great." I said. "That is a pretty good idea but..." he trailed off "You'll have to tell the boys" I finished for him. "They'll figure out eventually somehow. Go tell them. They need to know. It will help you, the tour and the band all together." "You really think so?" He asked "I know so." I answered.

~End of Chapter~



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