Never Said I Didn't Love Them...

I was known for not liking One Direction, nothing about them. Until the chance of a life time of auditioning for them as one of their opening acts came up, my friend begged me to go. Then secrets reveal, romance rises, drama awaits and what used to be a concert, changed into something different.

Author's Note: I'm the main character and just saying I was inspired from the story Stole My Heart to create this totally un-related story. My friend is not made upjust saying. Hope You Like It! (;


1. Ice-Cream Buddies

Ch. 1


My-Le's (pronounced Miley) POV:


"Hey have you guys heard One Direction was holding auditions for two opening acts for their upcoming tour?" said Melissa. "Yeah!" "Totally." "Duh." "I'm gonna get the opening act so good that they don't need two, I'm gonna be THAT good!" Melissa bragged. "Can we join you? As backup singers and dancers?" asked the others: Amy, Camilla and Francine. Honestly, none of them are good at singing AND dancing. Well, I never heard Camilla sing or have seen her dance, so I'm gonna have to say she's mediocre. "Of course!!" Melissa replied enthusiastically. 


I'm here with my friend overhearing the conversation. "Wanna Audition? We might have a chance!" My friend, Aideen, asked me. "Maybe, I don't really like One Direction." I said back. "I know, you say that all the time, but we could still make it." "Fine, come over to my house?" "Sure." And that's when half of it began. 


We got into my house and as always made a beeline for the kitchen. We stopped, laughed, then noticed a note on the counter saying that my mom left to Philadelphia for a job meeting, and will leave from Philadelphia in three days. "Guess, I'm sleeping over." Aideen said. "K" I simply replied. 


We sat on the couch, then I turned on the tv. "I'm bored." I said after complete silence while watching the tv. "Me too." Aideen said. "Wanna go for ice-cream?" I suggested. She nodded her head in agreement. "While we walk home we can stop by at my place to pack my stuff for the sleepover." "Sure." We went out to Icicles. The ice-cream parlour that's just a few blocks away.


I'll find us a spot to sit." I said. "Okay, Caramel Fudge, right?" "Yup." I went to find a spot. I sat down and had to wait a whole 15 minutes. When she got to the front of the line I heard her order and then say "thank-you" in a snap, so where could she be now?


"Sorry, I talked to some people after I got the ice-cream and got distracted. Hey, at least the ice-cream, didn't melt!" She explained. We dug into our ice-cream. "I invited them over to your house and to eat with us, so we won't be lonely and bored." "YOU DID WHAT?" And before I knew it, One Direction was next to the table, blocking the sunlight. "Hey!" Niall said. I was sitting there...mouth slightly open...blinking...breathing slowly...


We walked home after ice-cream with full awkward silence. When we got home we ALL made a beeline for the kitchen. Stopped, laughed then we made some tuna sandwiches and cut up apples then spread peanut butter on it. We went out on to the couch with Liam and Niall on the ground, since we had to fight for the couch.


~End of chapter~



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