Truly Madly Deeply..

Hi! I'm Kat :D And this is my very FIRST! Movella!!<33 I hope you love it!!


Katie, Is kinda insuure about differnt things but is good when it comes to defending herself or her friends...She isnt popular at shool very much but has a HUGE crush on a guy named Kalvin...But hes popular...and can be a pretty big jerk..But what happens when the new kid Niall Horan of One Direction Comes to their school?!?!


6. Niall..Harry Or Harry..Niall?!

I couldn't bear to see Niall like that....frozen, confused, and....and..heartbroken? No. He couldn't he liked Cindy and she was popular there was nothing I could do.

I walked in the gym and sat on the floor in a random spot. Shortly after I saw Niall and Cindy walk in..hand in hand.

"NIAL! Come sit over here with me!!" Cindy kind of whisper shouted. "No, I wanna sit in the back". Niall said back to her.

Cindy whispered something to him and I tryed to make out what she was saying. I think she said 'But she's back there'.....But she's back there....BUT SHE'S BACK THERE?!?!?!

I couldn't beilive it...Im going to slap her acrros her face...And she'll feel it in the morn- "Is this seat taken?" Niall asked interupting my thoughts.

"Yep" I stated. "By who?" He asked knowing that the seat wasn't taken.

"By my best friend Harry".

His face was filled with anger and it was already starting to sweat. He.Was.Angry.

"You mean Harry Styles?" Niall said raising his voice. I knew Harry wasn't sitting there but that was the only seat left aside from next to the bathroom and no one wants to sit there, obviously. So he would have to sit there.

"Yeah...Oh and there he is." I said excitedly. Now he was more mad because him and Harry were good friends...obviously there in the band One Direction together, but other girls got to show Harry around like I had with Niall.

I waved to Harry....He was sooooooo gorgeous. And just as I thought he would he sat right next to me and Niall and Cindy sat by the bathroom.

"Hey, what's your name, Love?" Harry asked me in his amazing British accent.

"I'm Kat!" I said. "And your Harry, right" I half stated half asked.

"Yes, so you like One Direction?" He asked raising his eyebrow. I laughed.

"To be honest, I didn't untill I met Niall..and now you!!" I said.

"I know this is kind of suddon, but will you..Er...Go on a date with me?" He asked nervously.

OH MY GOSH!!!!  "Yeah, sure!" I said happily.

"Great! I'll pick you up at 7!" He said excitedly. "Okay, I'll be right back..Im thirsty!" I said.

"Okay Babe, don't keep me waiting  to long!!" He said sweetly. I laughed. Did I like Harry more than Niall....Or Niall more than Harry?!


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