Truly Madly Deeply..

Hi! I'm Kat :D And this is my very FIRST! Movella!!<33 I hope you love it!!


Katie, Is kinda insuure about differnt things but is good when it comes to defending herself or her friends...She isnt popular at shool very much but has a HUGE crush on a guy named Kalvin...But hes popular...and can be a pretty big jerk..But what happens when the new kid Niall Horan of One Direction Comes to their school?!?!


4. Cindy

Once I got off the bus, I ran to the park. No one ever went there so it was the perfect spot to be alone. Plus I didn't want to see Niall. Little did I know he was my next door neighbor!! So he got off at my bus stop.

"KATIE, KATIE WHY ARE YOU CRYING COME BACK, KAAAATIEEE!!!" I heard Niall trying to find me. He knew I was crying. But the only thing I dont get is how he doesn't know why I'm crying.

I sat down on the sand next to the swings and started singing 'The A Team' By Ed Sheeran. Singing was the only way for me to escape the real world for a little bit.

 "White lips, pale face

Breathing in snowflakes

Burnt lungs, sour taste

Lights gone, day's end

Struggling to pay rent

Long nights, strange men

And they say, She's in the class A team, been this way since 18

But lately her face seems, slowly sinking, wasting, crumli-"

"Wow you have an amazing voice!" Niall said. "Why don't you leave" I snapped. "What did I do?" He asked like he had no clue. "You really are clueless, arent you?" I asked standing up to see him. "Yes, I have no idea what I did...Mind telling me?" He asked.

"Well lets see, I walked onto the bus seeing you with Cindy having her phone number in your hand!!....Don't you remeber?" I said in a harsh tone. "well, She asked me on a date, what was I suppose to say?" He replied acting like he did nothing wrong.

"Hmm let's see, NO, You could have said no!" I yelled. "Since when were you my mother?" He said. "NIALL! DON'T YOU SEE?! SHE ONLY WANTS YOU FOR FAME!" I yelled even louder.

He was quiet. realizing what I said was pretty accurate. "We'll just see." He stated. And then I ran away back to my house.


I walked into school from the bus and started heading torwards my classroom. "Katie, were are you going?" I knew I was suppose to show Niall around today but I didn't want to even see his face.

"To my classroom, were else?" I said rudely. "Um weren't you suppose to show me around more today?" He said in a much less rude tone. "Why don't you ask Cindy to?" I snapped and started to walk away.

"C'mon Katie" Niall said running up behind me and putting his hand on my shoulder to turn me around. "Fine" I said anoyed. "But only because the principal would make me" I said and stared walking towards the art room.

When we got there Cindy was right by the door! Why couldn't she leave him alone?!

"Hey Babe" Cindy said to Niall and then kissed him right on the lips! I wanted to punch her and Niall knew that. But I didn't want Cindy to know that, so I acted like it didn't bother me.

They started talking and I could feel tears brimming my eyes. I had to leave. I had to get out of there.

I started for the computer room. Not a lot of people went in there so it was perfect! I heard Cindy laughing...and..and then crying? Did Niall brake up with her? Already?

I don't know how but he found me under the computer desk. "Katie" He said and held out his hand to help me up. But when I got up he didnt let go of my hand. Instead he interlocked his fingers with mine!!

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