The Entries of Elizabeth Moore

I've never been good with words. Being shy is something that is rather common to me. Anyway, my name is Elizabeth Moore. Pretty soon, I will be set off to the New World. Who knew what lies beneath the barbarous lands of the undiscovered? We aren't the first to be settle in the New World- if we settle at all. I heard that many die on the voyage there. I hope I'm not one of them, and I will be able to see the scenery of the New World. But who knew what would lie ahead for me?


1. Foreword

    The entries of Elizabeth Moore are a true story based upon the diaries found dug in the ground in somewhere of Virginia. I have modernized the speech so that your brain can process it easier. Historians have taken a keen interest to the words that Elizabeth Moore had produced in her journal. The people who study the diaries of Elizabeth Moore got a lot of information on the first settlements and their lifestyles by investigating the entries. The journal entries took place in the year 1658, 50 years after the first successful settlement in America: Jamestown. As you read these journal entries, imagine a girl about your age, facing more adventure then you ever will have in your life.

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