Dramatically In Love

Its the news of the century: the biggest boy band of the moment, One Direction, and the biggest girl group of the moment, The Ashlees, are going on tour together! Five boys and five girls on tour together obviously equals drama, and even more romance.


1. Prologue

Onstage: a boy band and a girl group= one hell of a show. Offstage, it equals drama. That's what your about to read about, but how about we catch up with these ten performers.


One Direction: British, attractive, talented. Every girl's dream. They're going on a world tour and they're bringing popular girl group The Ashlees with them. Each member is different: Harry, the "womanizer" as he is known for being a notorious ladies man. Niall, the innocent Irish member of the group. Liam, who is called Daddy Direction for his sensible personality. Louis, the funny man of the group, always likes to have a good time. And Zayn, who is quiet yet referred to as the Bradford Bad Boy. This'll be an interesting tour for them.


The Ashlees: Probably the female One Direction. Like 1D, no two members are the same. We've got Andria, who is funny but sarcastic. Trista, a smart girl who is as sweet as bubblegum. Carrie, a quiet girl with a big voice. Bayla, a rebellious diva with a great sense of style. And then we've got Kyla, a pretty girl who has never been in love. Buckle up ladies, you're in for the ride of your lives.


A/N: Each chapter will be told by one of these people. Who should I start with?



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