Loved Ya Once Love Ya Still Always Have Always Will

just a fan fiction about the heavenly Harry Edwards Styles. we meet at a meet and greet and I was getting my pic signed and instead of just an autograph, he wrote this; you are the most beautiful I have ever seen. text me later 375-228-7980 love harry I don't wanna give too much away so I will save the rest for the story.


1. Hurry up!

              "Meg! Hurry up I'm gonna be late for the meet and greet!" Oh my god! 20 measly minutes until I get to meet THE One Direction!!!!!!!! I was was wearing an asymmetrical silver sequined overlay top over an aqua tank. I also wore a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of green Steve Madden combat boots, and a blue 1D hat. My straight, medium length ginger hair was put into an invisible, side, ponytail. My nails were painted deep blue. My left wrist wore an Infinity Directioner Forever bracelet paired with a Harry dog tag necklace. (Harry has a matching one.)

 "MEGAN!!!" I yelled. "COMING! Sorry my brother took my iPhone 5 and tryed to throw it in the toilet." Meg was clearly lying. She's not very good at lying to me because we have been friends for so long! I just brushed it off my shoulders and said, "I'm gonna drive. Let's get going!" We hopped into my car, and drove away. We were driving 

              Now the funny thing is that Meg wasn't even coming to the signing with me. I had to bring her to her grandma's house.


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