Louis I Changed Get Over It!!

When Louis leaves his innocent little sister for 1 year to go on tour with his worldwide pop-band One Direction, he comes back to see she has changed.. and NOT for the better!! What has happend to his innocent little sister? And what happens when one of the other boys falls for her??


1. What Happened?

Lillie's (Louis' Little Sister) P.O.V~


Hi I'm Lilly I am 16 turning 17 next month and I am Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. I am everything you want in the perfect daughter, straight A student, innocent, and a goody-too-shoes! Well close to a year now Louis left for tour with his band One Direction and I-- I-- couldn't take it anymore being all good and sweet I needed to break free and be... bad. I rummaged through my closet, there it is! A very very short tight black dress a friend had gotten me a couple of years ago as a joke, it is very small but.. oh well! I slipped it on and took a look in the mirror - still to sweet looking with my blonde hair. I ran down the road the to supermarket and grabbed some pitch black hair die and found a few clip in hot pink streaks, perfect! A couple of minutes later my hair was as jet black and had pink streaks in some sections. I always wore natural makeup but that was about to change, I put on black eyeshadow heavy eyeliner and mascara and some bright pink lipstick - hmm much better. I got some black stockings and grabbed a pair of scissors I started ripping holes then slipped them on, I found some bright pink heels and slid them on too. I was ready to go, but I couldn't let my mum see me! I found a trench coat and threw it on top of what I was wearing so you couldn't see the dress. I ran down the stairs,
"Hunny where are you going?" my mum called.
"Oh just out with some friends mum don't worry I'll be back.. err later!" I said and ran through the door, hopping into my car, I wasn't sure where I was going or what I was going to do but let me assure you it would be anything but good. 


Louis' P.O.V

"Oh you guys will love her she is so sweet!" I say to all the boys we are currently riding in the car driving back to my home, after the long tour we've had I can't wait to see my little sister, I've missed her so much!
"Ok enough of her personality I want to know what she looks like!" Harry says flashing a smile. Oh that's right I forgot to say the boys haven't met Lilly before,
"Well she is a bit shorter than you Harry, she has long straight blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she has a slim figure but not too slim in all area's.." Harry cut me off.
"Rump butt" Harry says winking making all the boys laugh. I shoot him a stare. He immediately goes serious again.
"And umm... well she is very pretty!" I laugh. I hear Harry whistle. I stare at him again. The rest of the drive was silent with a occasional giggle from Niall. The car pulls up in front of my house. I knock on the door and wait for an answer, my mum opens the door and hugs me tightly almost suffocating me.
"I missed you too mum!" I say and all the boys laugh. We all settle down in the living room we start chatting then I hear a door close I turn around to face the stairs and down came.. Lilly?? What.. Is that her? Wh- What happened? 




Hi everyone! So this is my first fan fiction on Movella's seeing as I usually post on other things like tumblr and Instagram, so this it it and tell me what you guys think in the comments below and if I should continue, I am still not too sure of the system on here so "like" if thats what you do? Haha.











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