Die in your arms

Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the school Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry Justin. I love you." Was the last thing he read from me.


1. You're wrong. Dead wrong.

"Bella... Bells wake up" I heard a faint voice saying. I slowly opened my eyes to reveal a blurry image. "Come on, it's time for school" my mom said taking the covers off of my warm body. "Ugh! Do I really need to go?" "Yes, now go get ready, breakfast is almost done" I groggily got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom and got dressed. I'm Arabella Montesino. I always have a smile on my face no matter what. I'm the biggest geek/dork at school. I never get bullied mainly because I'm not noticed. 17 years of age and still never got my first kiss and it's my senior year. Great. I went downstairs wearing jeans and a Beatles shirt. Although I am a nerd, I still have great taste in music. No make up on and my hair tied up in a messy high bun. "Morning dad. Morning Jessie" "Morning Bells" my dad said. "Bella, look at my drawing! Is it good? My teacher said she is going to hang it up in class today." Jessie said excitedly. "It's beautiful babe." I said looking at her drawing. To think that at 7 my little sister will draw an ordinary house with stick grass and birds in the shape of an "m". In this family, we all have a special talent. Mom was a gymnast. Always competed and is still very flexible now she's just a gymnastics teacher. Dad was in a punk rock band as a drummer. Now he's a lawyer when he found out mom was pregnant. Jessica is an artist. She loves to draw and color. Me on the other hand, I just love to keep my nose in my books. I miss the days when chivalry existed. When men would write long sappy letters to their loved ones and the only place I can find that is in a book. I'm a bookworm. "Alright ladies, I have to go to work and you girls need to get an edumacation." I laughed at my dad trying to be hip and young. Too bad those days can never come back. He gave us kisses and out the door he went to work. I forgot to mention, I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Small town. It's October... Getting a little chilly. I got in the car with mom and she dropped me off at school. "Don't forget baby girl." She yelled from the car. She always has a way to embarrass me. "I know mom." I yelled back I walked straight to my small group of friends. "Hey guys." "Hey Bella." They said in unison. "Where's Lola?" I asked looking for my best friend. "Went to get breakfast." Allen replied. "Ok cool." I sat down next to Carson placing my bag on the table and putting on my jacket. "Girl, lovin' the shirt." Carson said. He's our loveable gay friend in the group. We go to him when we need fashio. Advice and he's just an amazing person to laugh with. "Thanks Carson." "Hey Bell." "Hey Lol, how are you?" "Better now that I got my food." She said already stuffing her face. We all laughed at her obsession with food. "Of course you would." "We'll here comes the Plastics." Lola said looking behind me. There they were. The four most popular kids in school. Chaz, Ryan, Alyson, and Justin. Yes. THE Justin Bieber. He came back to school so he can be a "normal" person. "I can't believe they're still together." Allen said. "Well Alyson is a slit and Justin is a player. It's a match made in hell." Veronica said. "Wow... That's a new one." Carson stated in shock. I'm pretty sure we all looked at Veronica in shock. No one has ever heard her speak so negatively about someone before. In my group, we only think about the positives in life. Maybe that's why we're considered dorks. "What?" She asked. We all just looked at each other and mumble gibberish under our breaths to make it seem like we weren't doing anything. We suck at that. "I just hate how cocky they are. It drives me crazy!" She said. She's wrong. Dead wrong. I've known Justin since he was 4. Our moms have been friends back in Canada and when my parents moved to Georgia, Pattie came too. Justin and I had our moments of getting along and moments when we just couldn't be in the same room. We were never close. Him being a "sweetheart" is just an act. An illusion. A lie. He isn't. Like I said, he has his moments. And those moments are rare. I'm surprised he hasn't picked on me though. U guess he knows not to because I'm daddy's little girl and whatever happens to his little girl daddy always came to the rescue. It's like a 1960s mafia with my father. Like Al Pacino in Scarface. As Justin walked past us I had no other option but just stare at his beauty. His lips, his smile, his hair that was spiked it in the front, the way his eyes glistens in the light, his flawless features. No one knows about my "friendship" with him. I don't even know about it! We prefer to keep the whole childhood thing a secret. It just hurts me to see his arm around that "post-it" like Miley Cyrus calls that girl in the movie "Lol". It just kinda stayed with my group. I still can't believe I have a crush I. Justin. I've had one since I was 3. Is that even possible?
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