Styled (A One Direction Love Story)

This is the story of how Marina Grande's life changes via Harry Styles. Before she met him, she was just a half French, half English girl with a life to live. She knew it was impossible she was going to meet 1D. But then she did. And her life changed. For good.


4. The Park

Marina's POV

I literally run to the park, smirking to myself. Standing there is Louis. He looks me up and down. "Are you the girl?" He mutters. I nod. "Not the most attractive are you," he says, looking down.

"LOUIS! I HEARD THAT!" Harry's voice seems angry, furious. He runs at Louis and kicks him in the privates. Louis falls to the ground. "Apologize! Now!" Harry yells.

"Sorry..." He whimpers. I look up at Harry. Liam and Zayn run over.

"Haha, you got owned by Harry?" They laugh at Louis, making him blush red.

"Shut up everyone. Just because he told me the truth doesn't mean he deserves to suffer," I explain. 

"But it wasn't the truth." Harry explains. "You're beautiful." I hear wolf-whistling and turn to see Niall behind Harry. 

I blink at Harry, feeling suddenly embarrassed. I turn around when suddenly my wrist is grasped. "Let's go for a walk in the park," Harry explains to me.

Harry's POV

What did I just say? Oh I'm so stupid! "Listen," I say to Marina. "Stand up for yourself when people criticize you."

"What?" She laughs, running ahead. I see her jump over Niall's head and do the splits. Wow. 

"Harry! She just did the-"

"I know! I saw!" I yell. I rush over and look at her. She beams up at me. 

"See?" She inquires.

"Yeah, I see." 

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