Paris with...One Direction

A girl named Ella Johnson and her father went to paris for a small vacation but what happens when she bumps into one direction will drama love come between this relationship


7. I know you do

Ella pov
I woke up and decided to wear a neon green half shirt and hot pink shirts with some black vans I know not very stylish but I just wanna go to the Park today.when I was at the park I saw a little girl that looked just like my sister. She had short brown bob with brown eyes.i felt small tears coming my sister Vanessa died in a car crash. I started to cry harder when I saw Louis coming my way

Louis pov
I saw Ella at the park crying. I ran over to her and started comferting her."why don't you tell me what's wrong" "my sister...see the little girl over there she reminds me of my sister and my sister died in a car crash" "sshhh it's gonna be okay". I took her to my place and carried her bridal style into my room. Good thing the boys weren't there I know Harry would make fun of me. I layed her down on my bed I comfert her till the boys came after that me and Ella fell asleep."WAKE UP OOH ELLA AND LOUIS SLEPT TOGETHER" harry said "shut up stupid" "boobear you called me stupid!!"

Ella pov
I woke up to Harry screaming and that I was in bed with Louis."Louis what happened" "you were crying in the park and I took you to my house and we fell asleep in my room oh and Ella I have to tell you something " "and what is that " "I love you" "I know " "how do you know" "Lou it was pretty obvious and Harry told me,i love you too" "what about Kendall though" "me and Kendall aren't dating anymore " "why" "because he cheated on me" "well he must not have a brain to see how beautiful you are" what he said was really sweet then he have me a kiss and then I realized that I had to go home. He dropped me off an I went inside and ran to my room and slid my back to the wall. I was so happy
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