I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


38. kidnap, rescue

Allie's p.o.v

 Well today CC, Anne, Roger and Bell were coming back today from  there trip. I woke up next to Harry. He looked so peaceful when he slept. I moved a curl out his face and pecked his lips. I ran my hands down his cheek. "I love you" i whispered. I saw his lips form into a smile, "i love you to" he said pulling me closer to his body and snuggling his head in my neck. 

 We got out the bed, getting into some fresh clothes. Me wearing some black yoga pants and Harry's Jack Willies sweater and Harry wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a t-shirt. We cleaned the house a little before they arrived, cleaning the lounge, our bedroom, and the kitchen. 

 We sat in the lounge watching the telly. I heard a knock at the door "ill get it" i said to Harry. I got up answering the door, "hello" i said. "Allie!" they all said. In came Roger CC Anne and Bell walking into the house. I helped them with there bags and we all settled in the lounge.

"how was the trip?" i asked CC taking her into my lap. "it-it was fun" she said smiling bright. I nodded fixing her hair a bit. "Roger hun, go check the mail" Anne said. "but mum!" Roger whined. "Anne i'll check it" i said. "No Allie i asked Roger" she said. "Anne really its fine you all should rest" i said getting up. She nodded and gave me the mail box key.

 I walked out the door with CC in my arms. "Allie wait i wanna go with you" Roger said running up to my side. "um sure" i said giggling. It quite didn't make since that he wanted to come. He could have just checked the mail himself if that was the case. Anyways. Roger was telling me some of the things they did on the trip and CC was playing with my hair. I notice this black van parked along side the mailbox. I somehow tuned Roger out, looking inside the van. I saw a person in the drivers seat. 

I got the key out my pocket and stuck it in the mailbox opening it. Roger took off running inside. I kept looking back at the black van. I locked the mailbox putting the key back in my pocket. I heard a door open. I turned around but was met with another face in front of mine. This person had on a black mask.

Bob's p.o.v

 I opened the door getting out the van. I crept on her quietly and right when she turned around i grabbed them. "HELP" Allie screamed. CC didn't know what was happening, she panicked. I threw them in the back of the van locking the doors. I got in and speed off going back to my house. 

 Less then 20 minutes we arrived. I grabbed CC first. "NO" Allie yelled. "shut the fuck up" i said hitting her. I closed the door locking the van, CC in my arms. I walked in the house closing the door. "CC" i said. She looked scared. "don't be scared, it's me...Daddy" i said smoothing her cheek. "Daddy?" she mocked questioning. I nodded smiling. "I want Allie" she said scared. "don't you want Daddy?" i asked. She shook her head no. I grabbed her wrist tight and walked fast dragging her into a bedroom. I locked the door running back out side.

Allie's p.o.v

 he came back opening the van door. He grabbed me pulling me out. "let go of me!" i yelled crying. "shut the hell up!" he said slapping me. "Wheres CC?" i said. He didn't say anything but smirked. I repeated myself, "where is she?!" i said. He threw me inside the house locking the door. "Allie" he said my name. I was breathing hard, freaking out. "where's Celly?" i said.  "Allie will you please listen to me for once" he said. "Where the fuck is my sister you asshole?!!" i yelled at him standing up getting in his face.

"don't get loud with me you bitch!" he said. "your ass is gonna respect me" he added. He got closer to me, breathing on my face now. His breath smelled like alcohol. I crunched my nose dreading the smell. He laughed in my face pushing me back on the floor. "get the fuck up and go fix me something to eat!" he said. I sat there. "did you not hear me?" he said. I got up walking to his kitchen.

 Harry's p.o.v

Roger came running inside looking scared. "bro what happened?" i asked. "someone took Allie and CC!" he yelled. My eyes grew bigger. I jumped off the couch and ran outside. "ALLIE" i yelled but nothing. I ran back inside grabbing my phone, running back out the house. Who could have done this? i thought running all over. then it was like a light flicked in my brain. Allie's dad. I ran as fast as i could to the house i last knew he lived in. Once i made it to the house, i stopped. I saw a black van parked on the side of the house. 

Allie's p.o.v

when i finished making the food for him i gave it to him. "good girl" he said. "im not no dog bitch" i said. He took me by my waist pulling me on his lap. I struggled getting away from him but he had a tight grip on me. "let me go" i cried. "shhh shhh" he said rubbing his hand on my cheek, "where the hell is my sister?" i said. "come" he said standing up. 

We walked down a long hallway. We passed a closed door then to another room we walked in. He closed the door, i looked around for CC. "where is she??" i asked. He pushed me down on the bed. Tears falling hard from my eyes. "no" i said. He got in the bed getting closer to me. "no" i said louder. He put a hand on my waist moving it up my body. "you look just like you mother when she was 18" he said then snuggling his head in my neck. "NO" i yelled. I jumped out the bed, kicking him in the face. I ran out the room down the hall. "CC" i yelled. "Allie!" i heard her. I ran to the door that was closed. I opened it running in. "CC" i said picking her up hugging her. I whipped her tears away. "are you okay?" i asked her. She nodded.

I heard footsteps coming closer. "Allie" she started crying. "shh shh" i said. "now AllieBear" he said. "Leave us alone" i said. He stepped closer to us. Celly put her head in my chest hiding her face. He took another step. I sqeezed my eyes shut tight.

I heard something hit the floor hard. I opened my eyes and CC lifted her head up. My dad was laying on the floor knocked out. I looked up to see Harry there. "Harry" i said running over to him. He embraced us in a hug. "are you okay?" he asked, kissing our foreheads and whipping our tears away. I nodded. "we need to go" he said. He took CC out my arms and we ran downstairs out the door.

When we get outside, there was a cab waiting. "get in and go home" he said handing CC to me. "what? No!" i said. "Allie go home" he said. He ran back in the house. I gave the cab driver the address and he drove off. 

Harry's p.o.v

i ran back in the house i wasn't done with him. I ran back to the bedroom were we left him. When i got in the room, he wasn't there. I looked around but didn't see him. I turned around but then felt something hit my face. I fell to the ground grabbing at my jaw. I looked up and saw him there. I stood up throwing a punch at his face, knocking him down. I kicked his side repeatedly, throwing punches at him. When he couldn't move anymore i took my phone out calling the police. 

I gave them the address, now waiting for there arrivial. Bob laid on the floor holding his side. "that's what yo ass get" i said upset, "fuck with us again and that wont be all" i said. I heard the police arrive. "up here!!" i yelled. They came running upstairs into the bedroom. I explained everything that has happened from finding out he killed Mary to the text messages to today. They hand cuff him putting him in the back of the police car. I walked home.  

When i arrived everyone was in the lounge. "Harry" Allie said hugging me tight. I kissed her passionately. We pulled away and she saw my jaw that was brused. "im so sorry" she said. "Dont aplogize" i said. "i love you and ill do anything" i added. She hugged me again. Mum came up and hugged me followed by Bell Roger and CC. 

We all cleaned up. Showering and getting into some better clothes. It was late so we called it a night. Allie slept in my room with CC next to her in my bed. I watched them sleep peacefully sitting on the little couch i had in my room, but soon drifted off as well. 

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