The Game

When One Direction is on break Zayn decides to take the lads to one of his friends softball game. Kylie Medina is normal 18 year old teen who loves to play softball with her best friend Keyanna Flores who happens to be Zayn Maliks friend but in that one game that the band comes to see them play everything changes and has its ups and downs. Which one of the boys will fall for her or should i say how many and who will fall for her?
(this fanfic happens in summer 2013 so Harry is 19 already)


1. To the game

Zayns P.O.V 
"Zayn do we really have to go I'm tiered from flying and there's nothing to do here I just want to go home" Harry wines like a like kid. 

"Come on Hazza you got to get out of here get some fresh air all of you actully" I look at Harry and the rest of the band. 

"Zayn we don't even know what softball is" Louis adds on. 

"its a lot like baseball" I respond

"it's a Saturday please lets stay in the hotel" Niall says

"and things are jut going to get worser if a fan sees us" louis says. 

"come on guys it's not going to be that bad" Liam gets up. 

"Thanks Liam and I promised Keyanna that I would go to her game so let's go we're going to be late" I get them up and ready and I have Paul drive us to the park. We walk to the field to were Keyanna is going to play. As we walk I catch her walk. 

"Keyanna!!"I yell and she turns around she is walking along with another girl. 

"Zay-" she cut herself of nowing she will draw attention. She runs to me and hugs me.  "You are really here I thought your we're just playing around"

"When Zayn Malik promises he promises" I look back at the boys. "Keyanna this are my friends Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Liam Payne and Niall Horan" 

"Also knowed as the famous One Direction it's so nice to meet you guys I'm happy you could come hope you enjoy the game. I'm sorry this isn't a sport you really know about" she hugs greets evryone as she talks.  

"KEYANNA IM JUST GOING TO WAIT FOR YOU IN THE DIGOUT OKAY" the girl that was walking with her yells. She is wearing sun glasses her hair up in a pony tail she has a bag with a bat. 

"YEAH JUST NEED TO SAY HI TO MY FRIENDS" she yells back. She nods and walks away. 

"So are you guys really going to spend the whole summer in Colorado or what" she asks. 

"Well I really wanted to stay a little longer to catch up on things but the lads want to go back as fast as posible" I say as we start to walk. 

"Oh we'll that's to bad how was the tour?" she asks. 

"Every year gets better the fans are just so supportive" I say. 
"Me and my friend went to one of your shows I would have stopped and said hi but you know" she says. 

"Oh could have just called me and I would have given you passes" I say

"Oh don't worry about it I'm happy I can see you again" by the time she says this we are in the benches to the field. 

"Well good luck we'll try our best to get the game" I say. 

"Thanks and  well enjoy the game"  she says  

"yeah and maybe later you can teach me the sport" I say  "Sure why not" she says and walks out into what happens to be the digout. Me and the boys take a seat. We are wearing sunglasses so no one will recognize us. 

"I'll be right back I'm gonna go get us some snacks" Niall gets of the benches and walks to the conception stand. 

"So you and Keyanna have something huhh" Louis teases me. 

"Were just friends" I say. The boys just smile at me. 

"Yeah right" Harry smiles. 

"yeah right 'maybe later you can teach me the game'" Liam smirks. 

"Oh shut up" I say. I have always liked Keyanna but I've never been brave enough to tell her and well we allso live miles away so there's to time we could hang out and well with the whole one direction tour things aren't easy. Niall comes to us with chilly fries popcorn chips and pizza. We wait there sitting down waiting for the game to start and hoping that no one recognizes us. 
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