Love At First Sight

Harry Styles was her famous brother. She was the popular girl where she lived. She wanted a new life with exciting adventures. She got her wish when her brother and his band mates came to visit her in Sydeny, Austraila where she lives. She falls for one of Harry's band members but does he feel the same way? Well who know's? Maybe the famous superstar will fall for the popular girl? Because doesn't the popular girl get everything she wants?


1. Meeting Him

I sat on the edge of my wooden chest that was in front of my bed that had a purple comforter on it. I was strapping the last strap on my red heel in place. I grabbbed my grey coach purse from beside me and exited my bedroom. I didn't need to look in the mirror for a last check over because I knew what I would see. A person as so many people had told me looked beautiful and breathtaking. That is what I had been told; not what I had believed. I agree that am pretty with my blond hair that falls in the perfect spot every day, blue eyes the colour of the ocean, a skinny body that only a model would have and a tanned body with perfectly long tanned legs. But I don't think I am beautiful because there are many people out in the world beautifuler than me. I sighed as I realized that again, I was arguing with myself. 'Such a kiddish thing to do' I thought. I stepped outside onto my porch of my townhouse. I slipped my keys out of pocket and locked the door. I put the keys back into my pocket as I made my way down the grey concrete steps. I walked towards my yellow punch buggy convertable with excitement. For the first time in two years I was going to see my brother Harry. I hadn't seen him since a few months before he went on the X Factor and became famous. We had meant to see each other but Harry always had an excuse or plans. He was now in a band called One Direction and I was ten minutes away from meeting his band mates and seeing him.

I drove down the street towards the little tea shop where I was meeting the famous British boy band. I decided on my outfit after numerous trial and errors but finally thought the casual but classy was the right choice. I had put on light blue washed out short shorts and paired it with a flowly white spaghetti strap top. I then put on a black vest over top and finished my outfit off with red opened toe heels that weren't to high but were also off the ground too. I blasted up the music and pushed my Raybans sunglasses onto my face. The light of sun rebounding off the car giving it a glint that blinded me and I was glad to have put on my sunglasses. I drove through downtown and found the closet parking space to the tea shop. I got out of my car and flung my naturally blond hair over my shoulders. I breathed in the air and sunlight whilst closing my eyes. Somebody calling my name pulled me out of my trance. I opened my eyes and blinked; my eyes adjusting to the new found sunlight. Across the street was my best friend, Olivia, coming out of a boutique while waving to me. She had five bags in her one hand not including her purse that was tucked into her other hand firmly. Olivia lived four doors down from me; we were such good friends that I had the key to her house and could walk in whenever I wanted. I waved back and she started crossing the street towards me; her brown curls bouncing as she walked.

"Hey" I said when she had approached me.

"Hey, what are you doing downtown?" She asked.

"Visiting my brother" I stated calmly. Olivia was the only one that knew who my brother actually is. When other people ask if I have sibilings I say "He lives in the U.S.A." Nobody needs to know who he really is because then I would never have a normal life. I've seen what the paparazzi do to people and I don't what to be like them, thank you very much! I remember when I told Olivia who my brother was...


"Hey Olivia, can I talk to you about something important?" I had asked her with a nervous stomach. I wasn't sure how this would go. Maybe she would scream or maybe she would tell everybody. Then I laughed at myself. Olivia was my best friend and she would keep it a secret. I hope.

"Ya sure tell me anything. Were best friend's remember?" I took a deep breath and said the words I had held inside me for weeks while rubbing my clammy hands together.

"My brother's Harry Styles from One Direction" I uttered super quick.

"Oh my god. No way." She said dumbfounded.

"Yes way" I replied. She had stared at me shocked then her face changed into a smile.

*Flashback Ended*

"Cool" She exclaimed excited "I really want to stay and chat but I got to go so I'll talk to you later, ok?"

"Ok" I said with a smile.

"Good luck" She shouted over her shoulder as she crossed back towards the other side of the street and ran towards a restaurant.

"Thanks" I yelled back but by then she didn't hear me as she was already in the restaurant. I continued my way towards the tea shop with a little hop in my step. I reached my destination ten minutes later after a mini window shopping spree. I strutted over to the hostess who looked at least 34 and gave her my name. She raised her eyebrows but said nothing as she led me to the very back of the tea shop were the V.I.P. section is. I thanked her and read her name tag which said Jenny. I turned around 180 degrees and knocked softly on the door.

"Who is it?" Someone called out.

"Spongebob Squarepants" I called back.

"Sorry were looking for my sister, Emma. Have you seen her?" I giggled.

"No I haven't but if I do then I will tell you"

"Ok, well I guess your cool enough so I'll let you in. Just this once though." The door slowly opened and mass of curls poked through.The curls lifted his head up and I saw the cheeky smile I had been waited to see all day.

"Harry" I yelled joyfully. Harry opened the door wider and I jumped into his arms for a hug. He smelled like cologne and soap.

"Emma" He whispered. I think he must have missed me too because it was a long hug.

"You guy's aren't getting married here. Let's go I want to meet your sister" A voice whined from behind Harry.

"Hold your horses, I haven't seen her in two years!"

"Well I haven't met her at all. So I win then" A guy's voice said smug.

"You're such a pain" Harry groaned but laughed. I squirmed out of Harry's grip and looked at four incredibly hot guys. I bit back a gasp. They each stood up and started to introduce themselves.

"I'm Niall"

"I'm Zayn"

"I'm Liam"

"I'm Louis"

I replied back 'Hi I'm Emma" to each of them. We then went and sat in the lounge section of the V.I.P. room. I couldn't stop thinking of Louis though.


*A/N  Hey I'm 1DCookieRaider and me and polka_dot_fun co-authored to do this story. I just did this chapter and polka_dot_fun will do the next one. Hope you like it by faving, liking and commenting! Spread the word too, thanks! x  



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