Kristin is just an average girl who decides to do something wild with her friends and ends up in an interesting situation.

Harry's just your average One Direction member but when he falls for an American girl what will the fans think?


17. Moments

Kristin's POV; 

I've been living with Harry for 2 months now. It's been good, very good. He's the perfect boyfriend. 

Almost every night we weren't out we would watch movies and eat junk food. When we did go out it was always fun, we made faces at the pap's and always laughed.

He would always go get me Starbucks  because without it I get awful headaches. Everything's been perfect. 

Harry was gone doing an interview so I dialed up Eleanor to see if she wanted to come over. 

She  excepted and came over to hang out. 

"So love how have you been?" She asked.

"I've been good, just extremely tired" I said 

"Really?" Eleanor asked again 

"Yeah, I think I may just have a cold or something" I said playing it off

"Ok.. Do you want to go get some Starbucks?" She questioned 

I nodded in agreement and she followed me to mine and Harry's bedroom so I could fix my hair.

She was looking around when she noticed something. Something I thought I had hidden well enough.

"Kristin.. What's this?" She asked picking up the box

I couldn't get the words out 

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