Blogging and Loving

This is my first One Direction fan fiction so please tell me what I could do to make this better.

So, Alexa is a 18 year old website blogger who is very well known. She unexpectedly gets invited to do a personal blog on One Direction. After spending a couple days with them, she finds she has a lot in common with Niall, even though he doesn't seem to like her back. She's now acting like a complete idiot to get him to like her, but will it work?


1. The Invitation


I sat at my computer, blogging about the newest celebrity news. Blogging was my passion, but unlike some bloggers who I shall not name(*cough*Perez Hilton*cough*), I didn't make everything look like some joke. Of course, I poked some fun at the celebs, but not enough to offend anyone. I've been blogging since I was 11, but didn't actually get really amazing at it till I turned 16 and actually finished whole articles and got the 100% truth on something before blogging it. The celebs have also gotten to liking me. I've gotten lots of comments and even some calls from them.

  So anyway, I just finished my blog about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez officially breaking up. I uploaded it onto my website, and immediately it had 700 reads with 400 comments.    I went on my twitter account and tweeted about the new blog, which was immediately retweeted by about 500 people. I went and checked my DMs and scrolled through them, replying to about twenty. I was about to log out when I saw one that was sent from @Harry_Styles. I stared at it for a full five minutes before clicking on the name.

  Don't get me wrong, I'm a super fan of One Direction and everything and have blogged about them lots of times, I just find it a little weird for him to be DMing me when I've only tagged him like twice in all my tweets, and those were moments when I had to mention them for things like amazing concert or something. Now, here he is sending me a message. I wanted to fan girl, but I didn't really believe this was the real Harry. I clicked his name and his little profile thing showed up. Yep, definitely Harry Styles. My heart started racing. 

  I went back to the DM and read it, each word making my heart beat harder.  

"Hey! This is Harry Styles from One Direction. We've been reading your blogs and would love if you did a personal blog on us. Please send a response ASAP:)"  

I read it three more times before squealing and falling backwards out of my chair. I was laughing and crying and being a total spaz when my brother busted into the room.  

"What! Did you get stinged by a bee? Electrocuted? What is it!" I gasped for breath before looking up at him. 

  "Something…..on twitter." I said. He glared at me.   

"You know I'm on edge enough without you spazing out like some f-"  

"Sorry! God! Just go back to your man cave or something," I said, starting to get up.  

"That reminds me, I'm going out for a while with some friends." I nod my head. "Don't go anywhere."  

"Where can I go? You're most likely taking the truck so I'd have to walk so…" He just gave me a warning look and slammed my door.

I rolled my eyes. My mom and dad work in this giant international place where they're gone all but 12 days out of the year to come and see us. Since my brother was 20, he watched over me and went to a community college in the city. I was turning 18 in a week, but I was still in high school, so bummer.  

 I got back into my chair and replied back to Harry the best way I could think of. 

"Are you serious?"  

Within 6 minutes, I got a reply back that made me start giggling uncontrollably.  "Yeah. You're blogs are always funny, and your not scary like Perez Hilton. And, between you and me, you're a lot more prettier then him too."  

I replied back with a simple Ok then waited for his reply, which came quicker then the first one.

"You're in America right? I hope you are. We're going to be in the states for a while before we start getting busy, so maybe we could send you some flight tickets to LA and we can do it there."  

"When do I need to be there(and yes I'm in the states)"  

"Is Friday next week good?" I have two test, a essay and a oral report due on Friday.  

"Friday is perfect."

  "Great. See you on Friday;)" I closed out the window and flopped back into my chair, not believing my luck. I grabbed my I-phone.  

"Also, this needs to be kind of secret so try not to tell anyone." Harry sent. I had just sent a text to my best friend saying you'll never believe this. I sighed.  

  "Ok, but can I let my co-partner know?"  

"I didn't know you had a co-partner but yeah. So I'll be sending you two tickets to LA correct?"   

"correct"   "and your parents are all right with this?"   

"definitely"  not.

I sat back in my chair and blew out air. How the hell am I gonna pull this off? I texted my newly made co-partner Lauren to come over as fast as her ass could. Then I looked at the ceiling and groaned. I knew for a fact that Percy would never let me go. He's just overly protective. But maybe if I could some how convince him....

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