Imagines One Direction/Cody Simpson

Different Imagines I write about 1D and Cody Simpson =)
If you want one leave in the comments below:

1. Name of boy
3. What you want to happen
Example: You guys fight and get back together,
Your first date etc.
4. Description of your self
Example: Hair color, eye color, hobbies, where you live
5. Any other information you want to give me
Enjoy!!!!!! =)


1. Liam #1 He takes care of you when your sick

Your home alone sick while your boyfriend of 6 months in at the studio. You had a really bad headache so you decided to lay down, as you start to drift off to sleep you get interrupted by the front door slamming.       

"y/n I'm home!"

You were that sick that you didn't even have the energy to respond.

"y/n where are you love?"


"Hey do you want to.... Oh my god you look terrible lets get you to the doctor"

You shake your head no all you wanted to do was stay at home with your amazing boyfriend

"fine then why don't I go make us some tea,get some blankets, and a few movies and we will cuddle sound good?"

You smile and nod. You wait for about 15-20 min and in comes Liam with tea,3 blankets, and all the Toy Story movies.

"Here you go love"

"Thanks Li"

You whisper. He puts the movie in and comes and lays down beside you, you cuddle into his chest and fall asleep with Liam playing with your hair and you thinking what an amazing boyfriend you have.

"Night love, I love you"

He whispers in your ear and kisses your head.

*A/N I'm sorry I haven't uploaded Louis vs Mother but I have a whole book full of these! if any you think need a part 2 leave it in the comments below <3 =)

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