Before Time Runs Out (Providence Series Fanfiction)

Maia Peters is your average girl. She has no crazy past, adventurous or embarrassing secrets, or anything to hide. But unfortunately for this mundane girl, her boyfriend does. He has secrets she couldn't even begin to imagine. And Bex is about to tell her when she is tragically condemned in a coma. Freakily enough, she becomes an apparition type thing that only he can see. But Maia still can't touch or feel anything, much less get herself out of the coma. Bex, her boyfriend is torn because of his secret and how to cope. And to top it off, there's a time limit. If they can't bring her back to consciousness within the time period, she is lost forever. And that means no more ghost Maia either. Together, they must figure out how to save her before time runs out. (Told from Maia's point of view)


1. Mistaken

We sat on the sand inside the little cove. There was a cream colored blanket that I was perched on, but he was curled up and ensconced in the corner. I didn't understand why. I was laughing and he was watching me silently and solemnly with an indescernible look on his face I didn't understand that either. My heart was racing from the chase he led that had brought us unto this cozy nook. So many things I didn't understand. My laughter died down awkwardly and the only sounds were our breathing and the drip drops of the rain outside that turned the dry sand wet, grimy and mucky, plus the ocean's waves. I looked away from him, feeling creepy having us both staring at each other, feeling maladroit because I was swaying unsteadily side to side while he was as stiff as cardboard, and instead watched the sea crash against the rocks and righted myself. The waves were violent and harsh, like the way I feared was how he would tell me goodbye. After two minutes of the taciturnity, he scooted himself next to me. He was still on the sand, because I was on the edge of the blanket. I could feel his body heat even through his wet clothes and I longed to be closer.
"Maia, I have to tell you something." I could feel him looking at me.
"You can tell me anything," I replied, not peeking at him. "What's on your mind, X?" I asked after a few moments of his silence.
"Well..." he trailed off. Bex made an exasperated groan and I knew he had squeezed his eyes shut. I sighed and leaned my head on his shoulder.
"As long as-" I paused, realizing what it might be about. "Never mind, go on." I lifted my head off his shoulder and looked away again. He turned his entire body to face me.
"What were you going to say?" I shook my head.
"It doesn't matter. What were you going to tell me?"
"I asked first," he argued.
"Well technically I did," I pointed out. He sighed.
"Maia, I don't want to fight with you. I just want to get over with it." Oh my god. He was going to say what I thought he was going to say. Crap. Crap. Crap! I, humiliated, pushed myself off the ground and tried to find my bag. Unfortunately, it took longer than my dramatic exit would've liked because of the tears that blurred and burned my eyes.
"Maia!" Bex exclaimed. He jumped up and grabbed my arms, sliding them down to my hands. I involuntarily shivered but pulled myself away. Finally, I spotted it. In the corner opposite from where he had been sitting. I rushed to it and yanked it off the ground and onto my shoulder. And turned to leave. But he was there, blocking my way. "Maia! Wait, I haven't even told you yet!" His voice was so desperate, I almost stopped. Keyword: Almost. I avoided looking at him. That stinking cheater.
"Get away from me, Bex." But he didn't let go; he only gripped me harder. The tears finally overgrew my eyelids and spilled down my cheeks. I struggled and struggled, but he was stronger than me. Like three times as strong as I was. Not the norm, even for a guy. Frustration caused me to look into his blue eyes, which were now a dark, dark, stormy blue. I wished I hadn't looked because they were filled with pain that travelled through his eyes, through his body, into my arms, and into my heart. It ached uncontrollably. Then, I pictured what he had done, and anger overrode the pain. "You stay away from me, Bex. You stay far, far away. Cause the minute you get anywhere near me, you are a dead man. And you can tell Macy the same thing, seeing as you two are all buddy buddy now. Or should I say a little more? Is that why you have been so secretive lately? You didn't want me to find out that you were CHEATING ON ME?!?!?!?" The last words came out as a shout and my voice was filled with venom and hatred. Rage couldn't describe what I was feeling. He jerked back, as if physically slapped and I took his moment of weakness to slip out from his arms and run outside. It was crazily and manically windy and the salt water carried by the wind got in my eyes. It burned almost as much as my embarrassment and pain did. I turned right and started to sprint down the beach, but my sandals got stuck in the gritty sand. I stopped and took them off, before I continued to the houses that lined the beach. I would have trouble finding the one my family rented, seeing as they were all identically tan in this certain summer storm. As I was a few yards away from the boardwalk, three things happened. First, I heard Bex calling my name and running after me. Second: I cried out from a jagged shell that cut my foot. Third: Bex had the same reaction at the same time. I dropped to the ground, my hand on my throbbing foot which was now covered in red. My feet had been dragging in the sand, and I guessed in the shells too. I clutched my foot and tears streaked down my face and flowed harder than before. Even though I was no doctor, I could tell the cut was no minor injury, because the shell had sliced pretty deep. My hair was tangled and wet and salty from the rain, the sea, and the wind whipping it back and forth. The wind and I were in the middle of a long howl like wolves calling their pack, when Bex collapsed next to me. He huddled me against his side and into his chest and I was too hurt to pull away. I sobbed into him and bit down hard on my lip, trying to distract myself with other pain. It only made it more unbearable. My shoulders fell up and down rapidly with my deep breaths. I could barely hear Bex's voice over the storm while he called 911. He was shouting, so I could only guess that they couldn't hear him either. I opened my eyes to see the blood from my foot seep into the sand. The red spread until it surrounded it. I was half fascinated by it, and half disgusted. Then, the metallic iron smell of it rose up to my nose and swirled inside my head, making me feel lightheaded. I don't take blood well. I lurched in Bex's arms, trying to preserve his nice white (but wet) shirt and not get vomit all over it. Plus, it gave me a really good view of his abs that the shirt clung to from the rain. There's a pro. He held my hair up and let me lean over while I heaved. It came out on the sand, and it was horribly disgusting and repugnant; it was too gross to go into specifics. I slammed back into Bex quickly, trying to get away, and succeeded in knocking us both over until I was curled on top of him. He moved me to the side a little, that way I wasn't completely on top of him and pet my hair.
"It's okay, Maia. You're going to be alright," he whispered in my ear. I whimpered. The foot I had cut was somehow wrapped in his shirt- hey, when had that come off!?- without me even knowing. He reached over me and pressed the makeshift bandage against the wound harder to stop the bleeding... At least I thought so. I noticed his uncomfortable expression and fleetingly thought if he had a problem with blood too. But then the pressure of his hand on my foot hit, causing me to scream into the crook of his neck which muffled the sound, but a different sound filled the air. Sirens in the distance. Coming to save me, I though with strangled breaths. I jerked my head forward slightly and my eyes caught on the white shirt, my bandage. The red was spreading again. The last thing I heard before fainting was Bex saying, "Oh Maia. I wouldn't never cheat on you, ever. I love you and I will forever." And he kissed the top of my head as my consciousness faded like my doubts of him.
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