Back for You -- NOT *ON HOLD*

Brandin was a normal girl with a normal life. That is, until her long time friend and crush Liam Payne decides to visit her after leaving her when trying out for the X-Factor. What will happen when she gets close to another band member? And when a death and mysterious texts and letters float around, who will get hurt? Will they heal from the pain?

This is my first movella... please give me feedback it's much appreciated!


11. A Day with Lex

I'm going to start off by saying that I don't remember if I said it was summer or winter or if Brandin was in school or not, but I'm to lazy to check, so sorry. Right now it's summer of her Junior Year in High school and she's 17.


I woke up the next morning feeling really refreshed for some reason. I checked my phone and saw I had a text from Lex.


Lex: Heyy x

Me: What's up? Xx

Lex: Wondering if you wanna hang out??

Me: Sure, mall/movie day?

Lex: Totes, meet me at SB (Starbucks) in a few


I took a quick shower and put on some short jean shorts and a loose white tank top with some polka dot bracelets. I then blow dried my hair and put it in a long side braid. I grabbed my crutches and struggled up the steps. I left my mom a note where I was going and texted Lex that I was on my way.

I got to Starbucks a few minutes later and crutched (lol) my way into the small shop. Lex was there waiting for me with my favorite drink - a Macchiato Latte. I thanked her and sipped. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the caramel flavor. I licked the foam off my upper lip and looked at Lex.

"Where to?" I asked.

"I was thinking a quick trip to dELiAs and Forever 21 since your leg is... you know." I laughed as she motioned to my cast. She giggled.

"Sure, sounds great. Movie at my place?"

"For sure!" She said in a really girly voice. We started cracking up and got some looks from the other customers in the store. We quieted down but laughed some more at their looks. When we finished our lattes we got into my car. Lex walked to Starbucks, but she drove us so I wouldn't bother my leg.

We had a great time at the mall just hanging out and laughing at absolutely nothing. It was great, I didn't think about Liam or any of the boys all day.

When we got to my house my mom was home.

"Have a good time?" She asked. We nodded. She smiled and we headed downstairs.

"What do you wanna watch?" I asked casually sifting through my drawer of DVDs.

"Hmm what about Mean Girls?" Lex suggested as she flopped on my bed. I glanced at her and grinned.

"Classic." I pulled it out and stuck it in the DVD player connected to my TV. I laid on my bed next to my best friend and started watching the movie.

We flew through Mean Girls, She's the Man, and Bridesmaids. By the time we were done watching, it was 11 pm.

"Just crash here." I said shutting of the TV.

"Mmk." She said. She always had some clothes here because we frequently stayed over unexpectedly.

I sat back on my bed leaning against the headboard. Lex sat across from me Indian style.

"I don't mean to sound... rude or anything, but what's the deal with you, Liam, and Zayn?" She ventured. I looked at my bedspread for a few seconds. Should I tell her? She WAS my best friend... so I did. I spilled everything out.

"And then Zayn came over yesterday." I said, finishing up my story. "And we... uh, kissed." I said.

"You WHAT?!" She shouted. "YOU KISSED ZAYN?!" I shushed her.

"My MOM." I whisper-yelled.


"Well, I was being all vulnerable. We were talking about how I liked Liam, but I said something like, 'I don't know what I want anymore' and he just leaned in... and we kissed." I said simply. Lex groaned.

"You're sending him mixed messages, babe." She said.

"Yeah but after he said that we all need a distraction at some point." I muttered.

"Ahh, an understanding one." Lex said, holding her hands like a meditater. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever. I like Liam." I said, more trying to convince myself.

"When are you hanging out next?" She asked me looking at her nails.

"Who?" She rolled her eyes and I laughed. "Sorry I'm dumb." I said.

"No you're not, I meant you and the boys." She said giggling.

"Oh duh. Um I don't know, I'll text Louis now." I pulled out my phone. He replied almost immediately.

"He said I can come over tomorrow." I said.

"Tomorrow. As in, Wednesday tomorrow?" Lex asked.

"Yes?" This was strange. "Is that ok?" She laughed.

"It's FINE!" She said. "I just think it's amazing that you're hanging out with THE One Direction."

"I have my connections." I said brushing my shoulder sarcastically. Lex laughed and punched my arm. We were quiet for a moment until I got an idea. I looked at her and grinned mischievously. Lex looked worried.

"What?" She looked at me suspiciously.

"Wanna come?"

"NO." She said immediately.

"Oh, come on! They'll LOVE you! Please?" I begged.

"Brandin. No." She shook her head vigorously. I grinned at her again.

"You know, Niall will be there..." I looked at the wall and smiled. Lex blushed.

"S-so?" She stammered. HaHA she had a crush on him. This was gonna work.

"I'll pick you up at 10." I said and shut off the light. She sighed. I smiled at my handiwork.

Tomorrow is gonna be awesome.



I'm not running out of ideas, trust me, I know exactly what's going to happen. But I want to know what you want to happen, so comment your ideas! Don't be offended if I don't use them, I will if they fit with my plan. So comment your ideas! And thanks for all the likes and favorites ;) Love ya <3

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