Signed Midnight

Millie is your average girl, with a slightly above average friend. That is until something extraordinary happens to her.Her whole life is about to change for the better or worse?


1. Millie in love

Omg today is the day,I know I shouldn't be excited but I am, I think I couldn't be more excited even if I were to see One Direction live. I know sacrilege, but I'm going over to Sophie's for the special sleepover before she goes of to camp. I know a sleep over right, but she has five absolutely gorgeous brothers. They absolutely blow the cuteometer right into the valley of hotville. I am talking about four of the five insanely hot brothers Sophie has, that luck girl. The oldest Nicholas is to hot to be defined he makes a good impression of   a walking and talking sex god, and that is why I'm so excited because he usually comes over to Sophie's to pick her and the others for summer camp.

I get to see him like once when I go over to Sophie's. God I'm pathetic and I don't even care. I'm sitting her writing all this in my purple diary while sitting among all my discarded clothes trying to choose what to wear arghh what am I going to do. Its already half six and Sophie's coming over to pick me up at seven. I can not wait. I hope she doesn't know that I have this massive crush on her big brother, I would be mortified. I'm going red thinking about it God I'm so screwed if she finds out. She cannot keep a secret that girl. She once told this cute boy who works at the cafe down town I thought he was cute. I now never go there and they had the best hot chocolate.

A car honks outside and I hurriedly shove some descent looking clothes in my bag along with my diary, mobile, charger and straighteners I wouldn't live without them. I yell to my mother whose watching the Kardashians what?  I have to speak to her. Sophie's outside and I climb into her dad's car who looks like a hot but oldish Rob Lowe I think his in his late forties but still right how come she has all the luck. 

Talking about nothing and everything we arrive at her house. Where Sophie's mom lifts me and squeezes me in a bear hug which is when Nick Sophie's brother comes in and looks at the situation with a weird look in his face.

Mortified doesn't come to it.

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