Love Waits

A 15 year old girl named Cassy (short for Cassidy) finds out that her favorite band, One Direction is playing in her city, Morehead City, she freaks out. After she buys the tickets, she finds out that they cant make the concert and theyre going back to England. Cassy has to sneak out of her house and find a way to meet them.


1. One Direction Here I Come!!

Cassidy's POV.

I wake up on Christmas morning and here my mom laughing. I walk downstairs and see all the presents under the tree. I hear my mom tell me to open one. I start to open them and i get down to the last one. It was in a very small box so I didn't think it was going to b  very good. I opened it at the bottom and I start to see: row 32a. Then I opened i all the way and see One Direction!!!!! I freak out, thank my mom, and go tweet it to everybody! I laid in my bed all night thinking about what it was going to be like meeting One Direction!

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