Those Green Eyes

Adelle Adams felt lost as if stuck in a dark room with no hope of finding a switch; she was currently dating Josh Devine, the drummer from One Direction and blindly searched for the answer to what love really looked like and if what her and Josh had was actually love. In what seemed to be a hopeless search she finds a pair of green eyes lighting her room and giving her a true answer to what love really is.


1. My parent's Divorce

*Adelle Adams POV* 

      Currently my life was like a whirl pool and I was drowning beneath the high waters of my parent's divorce and my struggle in finding the support of my boyfriend, Josh Devine, to help me get through it. 

      For the last year my Mother has been fighting Leukemia, a fatal disease that has taken every inch of her energy and strength. Every step of the way I have been there helping her and trying to save her from what could be fatal while my boyfriend left me with no support and my Dad was absent for most of her struggle. We first assumed that this is how my Father was dealing with the shock of her disease and that sooner or later he would be right by her side just as I was, but he never did. Instead he left us to escape the effects that this disease would have on my Mother and the constant emotion he would have to deal with. Not only did I lose my Father but I also lost any knowledge of what I thought love was. I had always looked up to my parents for their undying love for each-other but now that was all lost and I had very little chance of finding that again.

      His abandonment of my Mother and I has now assumingly lead to my parent's divorce. And thats where this story now stands; where my Mother and I sit in a court room awaiting the approval of their divorce and the breaking up of what once used to be my perfect family. 


      The judge slams his gavel several times against his desk "knock knock" and says

     "This case is now in session" 

My mother looks over at me with her weak eyes and whispers

      "Its going to be alright my sweet Adelle"

I grab her hand and squeeze it tightly in mine

     "I know Mom, we'll be just fine"

The court room was large but it was very empty of any people besides the Judge, my Mother and I. There was one window on either side of the walls which let in a small amount of natural light that fell upon only the judge's desk leaving my mother and I in very faint lighting. 

  "Lets get this over with quickly shall we?" States the judge.

  "Yes that would be nice, Thank you" My mom answers. 

   "Alright, so your husband left the family and you haven't heard of him since correct?" 

    "Yes thats correct"

     "So he wont be showing up in this court room today?"

     "Know he will not"

      I grow angry from this question, disgusted and frustrated of my Dad's absence and I saw the pain in my Mother's eyes when she realized that not even today he would show up.

In the midst of my thoughts the judge continues and asks,

     "Then you get full custody of your daughter, Adelle Adams correct?"

     "Yes, and when I do pass away she will be given to my sister Julie lawn."

    Still holding my Mother's hand in mine I squeeze it tighter and yelle in response to her answer,

     "Not when but if! You still have a chance to survive Mom and I wont see you give up just yet!"

      "I'm sorry Adelle but we must continue this case" orders the judge

    My mother lookes at me and wipes a tear from my eye and kisses my forehead,

       "There's no need to be afraid dear, I know your a strong girl."

    I hold her gaze and comforting words so that I can have the strength to get through this.

   Moments after she says this my phone vibrates in my pocket so I quickley take it out and see Josh's picture flashing on my phone. Could This mean that Josh finally wants to support me in all of this? While thinking this I decide to ignore it and call him back later. 

      Eventually the papers were signed and my parents were legally divorced for good. We left the doors of that court house with tears in our eyes and frustration in our hearts but I knew and so did my Mother that this was the right thing to do for a better future just ahead of us.


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