Forever My Love

Charlotte Halloway, the normallest of all, is a 19 year old British girl that lives in London with her best friends, Anne and Aliyah. When Charlotte goes to Starbucks and meets a famous blonde boy, love at first sight starts to flutter...


1. Starbucks

Charlottes POV: I turned off my alarm, and had a quick look at it. 9:00am, great. Why did I wake up so early? I kicked off my Orange bed covers and stretched out. I wonder where Anne and Aliyah are...There usually not this quiet. I went downstairs and into the lounge. Nope, not there. I then went into the kitchen to see if they were there. They weren't there, but what was there was a note that said it was for me. I picked it up and read it. It said "Dear Charlotte: Me and Anne have gone shopping at the Mall for a bit. We'll be back at 11am. Thanks homie". I put the note back on the kitchen counter and went to see what was there to eat. All I found was milk, some Lol's and a random box of cereal. These girls need to be neater sometimes and put back things where they belong. I laughed a bit and grabbed the cereal box and milk. I tipped some cereal and milk in a bowl, and ate it. "I feel like some cappuccino," I thought to myself, so I decided to go to Starbucks. I put my bowl in the sink and went upstairs into my room. I went to the bathroom and took a nice quick shower. I then dried myself and went to my wardrobe and got dressed into warm clothes, since it was cold. I decided to wear a long sleeve knitted jumper that Anne knitted me (She knew how to knit, isn't that cool) and some tight jeans. I put on a brown coat, gloves and my Brown ankle boots. I also put on my gloves and put on my hoodie provided with the coat. I then went into the bathroom and put some mascara and a bit of lip balm on my lips. I then brushed my hair. I ran and grabbed my purse and my keys for the front door and headed to Starbucks by foot. It was freezing in London, but I loved it. I have been to Australia in the Summer and I nearly died in the heat. I hate hot weather, but when its summer in London, its hardly even hot here and the weather is perfect. 5 minutes later, I arrived at Starbucks. It was so warm in here because of the air- conditioning. I took off my gloves and put them in my coat pocket. There was quite a bit of people here, more then usual. I went to the man as the cashier because it was my turn to order. "Umm...Can I please get one cappuccino," I politely said while smiling. "Of course, anything else?" The cashier said. I should get something for Anne and Aliyah too... "Oh, and can I please have 2 hot chocolates." The cashier nodded and clicked whatever he was clicking. I have always wondered how to use a cash register because I have never experienced using one. "That all costs £14 please." I grabbed my purse out of my pocket and payed the man. We both exchanged thank yous and I waited for my cappuccino and the 2 hot chocolates. I heard the automatic bell on the door ring. My head turned towards the door and 5 boys walked in. They look familiar....

Nialls POV: The boys and I walked into Starbucks and we looked around for a spare spot. There was a spare spot for us, but what caught my eye was this beautiful girl with chocolatey brown hair and blue eyes. She was beautiful. I wanted to meet her so bad, so gorge-. "Niall, hurry up! What do you wanna order!" My head shot towards Louis who was shaking me out of daydreaming. "Oh, sorry. I'll erm..." I quickly looked back at the beautiful girl who was being served a cappuccino and something else smaller then her cup. I wanted to order the same thing as her. "I'll have a cappuccino." "Niall, were you just staring at the girl at table 11?" Louis asked with his sassy voice. "Erm...Maybe," I replied. Louis purposely laughed weirdly and made everyone in Starbucks look at him, even the pretty girl at table 11. She giggled a bit while sipping her cappuccino and looking at Louis, who was still laughing embarrassingly. The girl then caught me looking at her, and I just smiled. She smiled back and giggled again. Her laugh sounds so cute over here. I then felt a pat on the back and looked at Louis. "Now that she has your attention, you can go speak to her." Louis then pushed me over to her table and I tried to run away, but I couldn't. He pushed me to her table, and she looked up at me. "This man would like to speak to you," Louis said while pushing me into the seat in front of her. "Erm...Ok then," She replied to Louis while smiling. I blushed a bit since she was right in front of her. I better say something... "Hi there," I said. She smiled and said "Hi. How are you?" She asked. "Good thanks. I was wondering...If I could know your name and number I know we just met, but you seem really gorgeous and I wanted to talk to you." I blushed from saying that and I suddenly got shy. She giggled a bit and nodded. Great, now I'm even more shy. I grabbed my iPhone and got ready to type in her name and her number. "My name is Charlotte and my number is 7593-2862,". I typed in the numbers and smiled. "Thanks. So...Can I call you soon?" I asked while getting out of the chair and standing up. "Sure, call me anytime." I smiled and waved goodbye. She did the same and continued to drink her cappuccino and look at me. Just as I was about to go, I said "Oh, and I'm Niall." She nodded and smiled again. I walked over to the boys and they were watching me the whole time. I sat down between Liam and Louis. "Bro, I saw everything and Louis told us everything. Great job," Liam said while poking me. "Yea man, you finally got a girl up your sleeve. You got her number?" Louis asked while getting me my cappuccino. "Yea. She said that I can call her anytime." All of the boys did the 'Oohh' sounds and I blushed. "Dude, you gotta call her when we get back to my party pad," Harry said while eating his choc-chip cookie. "I will. I think I really like her," I said as I was drinking my warm cappuccino. The boys did a quiet cheer and I cheered with them. We all laughed and Zayn started a topic up on coffee. I was listening to everything he was saying, and I kept looking back at her at table 11, which was a bit further away from us. Everytime I looked at her, she was looking at me and we exchanged smiles. "Coffees so addictive though," Zayn said and the boys or harmonised 'Yes', in a way that they weren't interested. "You think we should go back to my pad now?" Harry asked. "Yea, let's go," Louis replied and we all took our rubbish and put it in the closest bin. As we were checking that we had all of our belongings, Charlotte had to go at the same time. She went up to me and said "Well...See you later, whenever that is," She said. "I'll see you very soon." "Yes, he will see you very, very soon," Liam said. She giggled and walked out of Starbucks. "You'll see her soon buddy," Harry said while patting my back. We all walked out of Starbucks and went into Pauls Limo that was waiting for us outside. Paul then drove us back to Harrys Party Pad...I can't wait to call Charlotte.
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