Searching for the one.

Cassie Elizabeth Tomlinson was just your normal teenage girl, she had many friends and her brother Louis Tomlinson is in the British/Irish boyband One Direction! Even the blonde haired cutie, Niall Horan caught her eye and they were in love. But soon the love ended after he kissed her best friend, Haley after a year. Soon after they broke up, the cheeky, cat loving, Harry came into play and stole her heart. But after a month she got into a horrible car crash and lost her memory. Will Niall try to steal her back? Or will Harry fight for her heart?


1. Before the crash....

Cassie's P.O.V "When are they coming home?!" Haley asked nervously. "Soon, so CHILL!!" I tried to calm her down but nothing seemed to work. The boys have been on tour for the past 3 months and they're supposed to be coming home tonight. I guess they have one more concert. Haley had been freaking out all day, she thinks she dating Niall but clearly they're not. I know he still has feelings for me but I just ignore it, he needs to face the facts, I'm clearly in love with Harry and nothing can change that. I heard a small knock on the door and I walk over to it and look through the peephole and saw five boys standing there and I could see Harry's curly hair and I freak out. I jump up and down and rip open the door and attack Harry. "Well I'm guessing your happy to see me." Harry jokes. "Well of course I am!!" I yell. He hugs me tight and we walk in and Haley attacks Niall which he didn't seem to care. I pull from Harry's tight grip and run into Louis'. "LOUIS!!" I scream. "CASSIE!!" Louis mocks. I jump into his arms and hug him tightly, of course he hugs back, even tighter. I pull from his grip and hug the others. We finally finish our little hugging session and we all sit on the couch. "So how was your tour?" I asked hoping for an answer. "Eh same..... But Liam had spoons thrown at him." Harry answered looking straight at Liam. "I cried." Liam confesses. "Sorry love, do they know your horribly terrified of spoons?" I ask concerned. All he did was shrug his shoulders. I look over and Niall is looking at me, up and down. All I can say is, CREEPY!! I mean don't get me wrong, I still have some feelings for him but I'm in love with Harry. "I was thinking you and I can do some stuff alone tonight." Harry says staring at me. "Alright, but what do you have in mind?" I question. "Um, beach!!" He says mocking a surfer. "Yay!! I love the beach!!" I smile at him and he kisses my cheek. "Okay, we should get dressed love." Harry says to me. "Alright." I say grabbing his hand and dragging him upstairs to our room. I pull out a blue and green striped bikini and show it to Harry, he smiles and rapidly nods his head. I walk into my bathroom and shut the door, I change into my bikini, a pair of black short shorts and a white tank top. I pull my hair up into a messy yet cute bun. I walk out and slip on my white sandles. I walk over to Harry, who was in his multicoloured swim trunks and a blue v neck shirt. He smiles at me and grabs my hand and we walk out of my room and down into the living room. "Have fun, but not to much fun!!" Louis warns.

We smile and walk out the door into Harry's car. We were half way there when Harry's car moves quickly to one side on the lane then the other. What is going on? "Uh Harry, what's going on?" I ask scared.

  "Well we almost got hit." He says looking at me.

 "LOOK OUT!!" I gasp.

He tries to move the car but nothing worked, suddenly all I hear is a huge crash and Harry yelling,"Cassie? Cassie?!"

But suddenly all I see is darkness. I felt my knees give out then my legs, I feel myself fall. But suddenly all feeling, all my hearing is gone.

Harry's P.O.V

I tried to run over to Cassie but I was stuck in the door, I tried calling out to her but all I saw was Cassie falling knees first down onto the concrete. I screamed hoping she was alright but she didn't call back saying she was. I finally got lose from the door and ran over to her. Blood was everywhere and she was laying in a huge pool of blood. I tried to hold back my tears but I couldn't just looking at her broke my heart into pieces. I quickly grabbed my phone and called the police. They answered quickly and I could hear their sirens coming, fast. I picked up Cassie and held her in my arms, I held her tightly never wanting to let go. i kiss her forehead and a police man walks over to me and I hand her to him. All he could say is,"Everything will be okay?"

All I could do was nod, tears pouring down my cheeks. Another police man grabs my arm and pulls me into the ambulance next to Cassie, except I was sitting. I never let go of her hand, I held it tightly. I hope she'll be alright, I can't live without her! She's my everything, she makes my grass grow, my sun shine, my heart beat. She's the reason I get up every morning, I'll miss her smile and laugh. I'll miss the way she blushes and looks away when she's doing it. I'll miss the way she hugs me, as tight as can be. Or the way she kisses me, so passionate every time. I'll miss the way I feel when I'm with her, nervous but happy. I love her with every inch of my heart, but now some of my heart is missing because I lost the one I love.

The police man asked me so many questions such as, "Are you feeling okay?" "How did this happen?" "Is this your girlfriend? Sister?"

I reply back saying, "I'm fine, I really don't know how this happened, and that's my girlfriend Cassie Elizabeth Tomlinson." 

"What's your name young man?" He asks me.

"Harry Styles sir." I reply back.

 He nods and writes stuff on a clipboard. We finally get to the hospital and Cassie and I were taken to our own rooms but luckily just across the hall from each other. They hooked up a monitor next to me and some tubes in my arm. The nurse walks in with pills and she hands me four of them, she hands me water and I swallow them down. She smiles and walks away. My head is filled with questions, 'Where are the boys? How are they going to take it? IS LOUIS GONNA KILL ME?!'

My door opens and I could hear Niall's Irish accent. I had to ask,"Niall?"

 "Hello lad! How are you feeling?" Niall asks.

"I feel fine, but where's Cassie? Is she alright?" I ask concerned.

 "She's in the other room, Louis is with her. And man is he mad at you!" Niall says laughing, but I see no humor.

 "I'm gonna die young, Tell Cassie I love her and that her brother killed me." I said.

 "HAROLD EDWARD STYLES!" I hear Louis yell from the door.

 "Hey mate how's it going?" I said hiding under my blanket.


"It wasn't my fault! I swear it wasn't, I would never get us in a mess like that!" I protested.

 "Then who did it? Hum Harold?" Louis asked angry.

 "That drunk driver! He was driving on the wrong side of the road." I said.

 "Guys be quiet! This is a hospital for gods sake!!" Niall said trying to shut us up.

 "Niall's right, this is a hospital." I said to Louis.

 "Alright, better sleep with one eye open Styles." Louis says walking out.

 "Wow." I mouth to Niall and all he does is rolls his eyes then walks out.

 I sit there concerned, I really hope Cassie lives. Please live, please, just please live.........


Well I hoped you like Chapter one!! Chapter two will be out soon. Cya!!


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