Forever or Never-- One Direction Fan Fiction

Ellie is an ordinary girl, she has brown curly hair, with bright green eyes and she loves to sing and play the guitar. Her dad is the manager of One Direction, she wouldn't exactly call herself a directioner, but she like their songs. She knows everyone of them due to her dad, she has never really met the boys, because her dad is always in another country with them. Ellie was born in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mother had died in a car accident when she was only four years old. Ellie has a 7 year old brother named Danny and a 2 year old sister names Eliza. Ellie is now 18 years old, she was born December 18th 1994. She was the only child with her mum, but then her dad got remarried and made her brother and sister. And the person he married divorced him and left him with Danny and Eliza. One day her dad gets called to help his old friend with a job, so the boys have to stay with Ellie. What happens when all the boys fall for her? and start to fight over her? Will the band break up over her?


1. Chapter 1: One Thing

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


Chapter 1: One Thing

"Hi daddy!" I say into the phone.

"Hey Ellie, I'm at the airport now. I'll be home in a bit." He replies.

"Okay daddy, hurry up!" 

"I will, so what's Eliza and Danny up to?"

"Just got Eliza to go to sleep, and Danny's doing his homework." 

"Oh, so you got a break now, huh?"

"Yeah, finally. Oh and daddy?" 

"Yes sweetheart?" 

"You didn't get to finish telling me about why you have to go help your friend."

"Oh yes, well my friend called. And he needs a little help managing some stuff. I'm just doing this for the money, and maybe I'll upgrade your allowance."

"Thank you!"

"Well, the boys will be staying with you. I hope you don't feel uncomfortable around them."

"I'm sure I'll get to know 'em daddy, don't worry."

"Okay honey, I have to go now. Bye."

"Bye, love you."

"Love you too!"

"What song do you guys wanna hear today?" I asked Danny and Eliza.

"One thing!" They both said. 

"Okay, lemme just get my guitar." I say getting up. I grab my guitar and come back downstairs, 

"Sing El!" Eliza says, she's so cute. 

I start playing the tune on my guitar then I sing...

I've tried playin' it cool,
But when I'm looking at you,
I can't ever be brave,
'Cause you make my heart race.
Shot me outta the skyyyy,
You're my kryptoniiiite,
You keep making me weak, (yeah)
Frozen and can't breathe
Something's gotta give now,
'Cause I'm dying just to make you see,
That I need you hear with me now,
'Cause you've got that One Thing
So, get out, get out, get outta my head,
And fall into my arms instead
I don't, I don't don't know what it is
But I need that One Thing

You've got that One Thing

"Why do you always have to stop there? We wanna hear the rest," Danny says.

"Yeah, play the res Ellie, you were great." I hear daddy say. I turn around and see him standing with the members of One Direction standing behind him.

"Daddy!" I say running to him. I gave him a huge hug along with Eliza and Danny. 

"Are you 'taying home daddy?" Eliza says. 

"Sorry Eliza, I can't darling." He says to her. She starts to cry, "You're never home home daddy, ca't you stay? Pleashe?" She begs.

"Sorry sweetie," He says. 

I pick her up, "Don't cry Eliza, he'll stay with us for a day." I say to her. "Right daddy?" I say with gritted teeth.

"Actually, I have to go now. I just had to drop the boys off."

"Oh," I say hiding my sadness. "Danny take Eliza to her room, and go to bed. It's bed time." I say to Danny.

"But El, it's only 7:58," Danny says checking the time on the digital clock.

"Yeah two minutes to bed time," I say. 

"Can you sing One Thing to us again?" Eliza asks. I put her down and stoop down, "I'll sing when I come up, okay?" I say giving her a kiss on her forehead. She then goes upstairs with Danny and I turn back to daddy.

"You guys can go put your stuff down inside," I say to the boys. They nod and walk inside. 

"Daddy, you never said you had to leave right away." I say 

"I know sweetheart, but I have to work. Sorry.. The car is waiting on me outside, bye." He says giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye," I say glumly as he walks away. I close the door and turn back to the boys, "Okay, I'll show you guys to your rooms and you can get settled in." I say. 

"Well, there's only one extra room upstairs. It's really big, hope you guys don't mind sharing." I say.

"Not at all," Liam says.

"Daddy had already put in five beds since last week, so you guys just have to pack. Come with me," I say. The follow me upstairs with their bags and I show them the room. 

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