Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


1. 1. Allie Tomlinson

"Well Ms. Styles, we've checked your baby's DNA to find that the father of your baby is Chad Smith. And from past records when you were here with your mum, she said he raped you. Is that right?" The nurse asks me.

After 8 months of hell, the baby finally came. Yes 8 months, it's a premature baby. I still remember how many times I would have to throw up and Louis would have to hold my hair back for me, one of the bad things of having long hair. But at least I have a loving boyfriend who cares. The baby is a girl, with that assholes DNA, there's no way in hell I'm having her last name be Smith. I gulp, "Yes," 

"Well you have three options, either leave her last name as Smith, or change it to Styles. Unless, there's someone who you're planning to marry, a boyfriend maybe? I know a beautiful girl like you must have to have one." She says smiling.

"Yes, but I would have to speak with him about that." I reply.

"Is it one of the boys outside waiting for you?" She asks. I nod, "What's his name?"

"Louis Tomlinson," I answer.

"Well, I'll speak with him. You seem nervous to do that." She offers as she's getting up.  

Louis's POV

The nurse comes out into the waiting room, where the boys and I have been impatiently waiting.

"Which one of you is Louis Tomlinson?" She asks.

"That's me ma'am," I say standing up.

"Okay, come with me. The rest of you can go in to see her." She says.

The boys go into the room, while I follow the nurse to her office. She takes a seat by her computer desk and I sit on the chair beside her. 

"So Louis, you and Callie are in a relationship, is that right?" She asks.

"Yeah.." I reply, I though the entire world knew that by now...

"So the DNA in her baby matches Chad's-- You know about Chad right?" She says. 

Just the sound of his name makes me want to vomit, "Yes," I say with gritted teeth.

"So do you and Callie have any plans for the future?" She asks .

"What do you mean, like marriage?" I reply.

"Yes," She replies.

"I don't yet, why?" I ask.

"Well, you can have the baby's name as your last name. 'Cause Callie doesn't want the baby's last name to be Chad's last name, and I can understand the reason for that. So since you guys are in a relationship, you can be the father of the baby. It would have your last name, would you like that?" She says.

"That would be great!" I say smiling.

"Great, we'll get the files ready." The nurse say.

Callie's POV

A while after the nurse left the boys came in, "Hey guys," I say with a little smile.

"Hey Callie, where's the baby?"  Harry asks.

"DNA lab," I reply.

"So is it a boy or a girl?" Niall asks.

"Girl," I say.

"Named her yet?" Zayn asks.

"No, but I'm gonna name her Allie. You guys like?" I reply.

"That's a cute name," Liam complements.

"Thanks," I smile. The nurse comes in a while with Louis, who had a small smile plastered on his face. I guess he agreed.

"You boys can take a seat over there," The nurse says pointing to the chair at the end of the room.

"Have you decided upon a name yet Callie?" She asks me.

"Yes, Allie." I reply.

"Named after Callie, I like it. Middle name?" She replies.

"Christine," I reply.

 "Well I shall be right back with the little miracle." She says leaving.

The nurse comes back in and says, "Here's Allie Christine Tomlinson!" She says giving her to me. I smile and cradle her in my arms while the boys come next to me. The nurse says I can leave today, yay! 

"So what's her name again?" Harry says smirking.

"Full name," Zayn chimes in.

"Allie Christine Tomlinson," I say blushing.

"Aw, Louis' a daddy!" Niall teases.

"So does that mean you and Callie are getting married?" Liam asks smiling.

"Pretty much!" Louis says flashing me a smile.

"You guys wanna hold her?" I offer.




"Uh-uh," Were my answers.

"I won't mind holding her," Louis says. I hand him Allie and he cradles her in his arms, "Hello Allie," He says smiling at her. Aw, he's gonna be a great daddy.

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