One Night Stand {Harry Styles Fanfic} Editing!

Emily Carson, a normal 19yr old living in London. Having a wonderful life as an actress.. One night at her brothers birthday party she seems to meet a certain curly hair man (SPOILER HARRY STYLES). They end up hooking up with some unexpected issues. Will the two fall in love or fall down as the truth comes clean.


1. That One Night

 "Emily come on! We're going to be late to the party!" My sister Anna yells through the door.

"Okay give me a minute!" I yell back.

Me and my sister Anna are going to our friends 21st birthday party. If we're late he's going to kill us. He really wants his two younger sisters (we're like sisters to him) to be there! I finish getting dressed with my red mini dress and black heels. I look towards the mirror one last time to see if everything is in order. The hair, the makeup, all looking good.

"Anna I'm ready!" I scream.

We both hop into our black BMW and drive off to the bar. "Arg! Why does Connor have to have his 21st at a bar. He knows how drunk we're going to get!" Anna screams.

"He's so doing this on purpose! He just wants me to hook up with someone new since my break-up with Johnny. You can tell.. Plus if the paparazzi catch me drunk one more time, my life is screwed."  I tell her.

"Probably right.. Well just don't drink too much okay?" She asks me.

"Okay." I answer.

We get to the bar which was less than five minutes away from our apartment. "Anna, Emily!" Connor greeted!

"Happy Birthday!" I yell into his face giving him a kiss. I love doing that to piss him off. He's our baby brother and I just love treating him as a baby. "Connor Happy Birthday Boo!" Anna kisses him.

Connor escorts' us into the bar. "Wow its so decorated!" Anna exclaims. "I know, I love it! My friend Harry set it up for me." Connor explains. "Well he sure has done a great job!" Anna says.

"Hey Emily, you should go mingle with some people!" Connor says aggressively. "It's barely been a week since Johnny and I split, come on! I don't want to get a rebound guy." I answer is him in a stern voice. "All righty then... I'm just going to get a drink." He says slowly walking away from me.

He knows that when I use a stern voice like that to him he better stay away. "Emily, there are some cute guys over there. Omg they're so adorable!" Anna gawks' "Go over there and introduce yourself!" I tell her. "You're coming with me!" she says grabbing my hand. "No-" I try to answer but she already pulled me to the two men.  "Hi, I'm Anna and this is my sister." she introduces us. One of the men had short medium blonde hair and was wearing a white with plaid shirt, and the other man had medium length brown curly hair and was wearing a checkered shirt. I have to admit that the one with the curly haired one was cute.

"Hi Emily and Anna, I'm Niall." The plaid shirt introduced. "And I'm Harry!" the curly haired one introduced. Okay so I can't stop staring at Harry's green eyes. So hypnotizing. "So you're the one that set this party for our baby brother!" Anna exclaims. "Yeah! Oh wait you two are the beautiful sisters that he's been talking about." Harry chuckles. His laugh is hilarious.. "Does he really talk about us that much?" I questioned. "Lets just say non stop." Me and Anna chuckle.

"Anna I'm gonna go back to the bar." I informed her. I turn around and start walking towards the bar, when someone stopped me in my path. "Harry?" I ask. "Uh Emily, I wanted to know if I could buy you a drink." He ask shyly. "Uh. Sure!" I answer. How could I pass up a free drink?

Me and Harry chatted and ended up having a few more drinks.

*Hey y'all, I'm looking for a co-writer! (: If you want to help co-write this story comment below and we'll talk :) ~Maya*

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