Hear a pin drop

Grace is a troubled girl. She has barely any friends. Her parents have no idea and Alexa, the bully is not helping. grace's life is teetering on the rocks as life makes her feel so useless..... This is a ballad.

I hope you like this! This is for the silence competition


1. Hear a pin drop

day on day

night on night

she screams the silent scream


Smiling through pain

Saying I'm okay

not letting anyone see she's crumbling away


bottle up hurt

Saying  'I'm fine'

Even though she knows she's wasting her time


No-one cares

no-one sees

The girl that cries herself to sleep


Her lips are sealed

So are the scars on her wrist

That harsh words and bullies inflict.


Her parents didn't see

their daughter's plight

Her lips locked and sealed tight


It built up

Throughout her life

The bottling up of all that strife


Her heart was broken

Her self esteem crushed

Everything seemed all too much


So one day

She made it stop

And in that room with people dressed in black


You could hear a pin drop......





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