Dark Magic: The Beginning

Liliana, or LeeLee, has just moved to a boarding school in London and things seem very off. She later learns that The Hills Booarding School isn't a normal school, it's a training camp to prepare kids for the REAL world. As Liliana faces unrealistic dangers she stumbles across a group of 5 boys that are planning to go on a journey and escape from The Hills. Liliana discovers many secrets about these teenage boys. Love. Friendship. and hidden Family secrets!

There Is much cursing in this movella an strongly graphic and gruesome scenes!
One Direction are not famous in this movella.


1. troubled

"You're out of control lily!!" My dad shouted at me.

"I didn't do anything! That bitch just came over and started trash talking to me and my friends! She pissed me off and that's all!!" I yelled back.

"Clearly that's not all!! you've already been suspended 8 times and this is your 9th! After this you'll get expelled! You need discipline!" Great he's going to ground me.

"Dad I don't ne-" he cut me off.

"Yes you do your mom is ill and she can't handle all the stress that you cause her!! I'm going to talk to her tonight and well come up with a solution to all your delinquent behavior. while we do you eat dinner as soon as we get home and then you go straight to bed!!"

"Dad that's not fair!! I've only been suspended 9 times!! that's not so bad!" I tried to reason

"ONLY 9 at this school! this is the 4th school you've gone to since we've lived here and it only been a year!! you need to get your act straightened up! your mother and I are not going to send you to another public school if you he expelled again!"

"Oh so are you saying younger send me to a private school with" I made my voice all perky " cute boys and rich girls that invite me over for slumber parties at their rich expensive house?!" I could tell I was pissing him off and I found it very entertaining" Yeah uh no thanks!"

we pulled up to the drive way and went inside.

"Liliana" I heard my mother say. "Did you get Sus-"

"yea why?" I sassed

"Young lady! you know what? forget your dinner go straight to your damn room!!" my father yelled pointing at the attic door.

We lived in a one story house and I wanted to distance myself from my annoying as fuck parents so I asked if my room could be the attic. I pulle down the stairs to the attic and walked up. I pulled the stairs and door up then locked it.

"What a bunch of fucks!" I said allowed.

it wasn't until I heard the words 'Boarding' and 'school' that I could hear my dad discussing 'discipline' with my mother. Great. I got my paint set out and started painting the rest of my mural.
I wa drawing a mural of who knows what. I just started painting when my counselor recommended things to help with my ADHD. After an hour or so if adding to my mural, I found my secret stash of junk food and ate some Takis before getting into my pajamas and going to bed. I put my headphones in and fell asleep listening to my iPod.
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