My New Neighbour

Mackenzie Jade Skye, also known as Mackie, has moved to London to try and get better career choices than she could get in her home town: Birmingham. She knows that she will be going there to get more inspiration for her art work but she doesn't know that she will be living in the same block of apartments as One Direction.


1. Moving In

AN: Hey, this is my first 1D story so please don't be harsh. I hope you like it! I don't own anything but the made-up characters and the plot unfortunately :(. Although it would be a lot of fun to own One Direction, wouldn't it? Review please!

Mackenzie's POV:

I reached for my last suitcase in the boot of my brothers old Mercedes. He ran out to help me take in the last bit of my belongings.

"Now, Mackie, are you sure about leaving? I mean, I'll take you home right now if you want! You don't have to do this, there are plenty of artistic jobs in Birmingham!" my brother pleaded.

"Yes, I do have to do this Oscar! I need to broaden my horizons, live a little as mum says!" I reply.

"Fine," he sighs in defeat. Oscar knows he'll never win an argument against me. No-one ever has-that's why I'm spoilt in my family. "Just, look after yourself alright? You're my little sister and I don't want you getting hurt whilst you're all alone here!" Oscar says whilst hugging me tightly.

"I will," I promise. He gets back into his car after hugging me again and kissing my forehead. As he drives off, I wave until his silver car can't be seen.

Freedom! I head back inside of my apartment block and get into the lift. I'm the smallest in my family out of us four siblings: Oscar-the eldest, Cassie-second eldest, Macy-second youngest and me/Mackenzie-the youngest. I'm also the most spoilt and my parents wanted me to live in luxury so they brought me an apartment in a very rich part of London which was extremely expensive. It's rumoured that celebrities live there which I doubt but I may go hunting for some when I'm more familiar to the city.

The door opens and I head over to my door and open it with the special card thingy I was given in place of a key. It was more of a posh hotel than an apartment block.

I walk in and breathe in the smell of new furniture and fresh paint. The living room is spacious and open planned with only pillars separating the kitchen and living room.

The 'living area' ,shall I say, is fairly huge and there are shiny wooden floorboards on the floor. The ceiling has a diamond chandelier in the middle and directly underneath is a large beige sofa behind of a furry brown rug.

A beige coffee table is on top of the rug and in front of the coffee table is a brown entertainment stand with a wide plasma screen TV on top of it and a DVD/Blu-ray box in a separate compartment underneath. There was also a Wii there and a X-Box. I don't know why I took my gaming stuff here as I'm probably the only one who's going to be here until I make some friends.

The kitchen is also large and and has black glossy tabletops. It also isn't going to be used much as I specialise in spaghetti and microwave meals. Unless, of course, I make some friends and invite them over for some food which won't happen until I'm settled here.

As if on cue, my doorbell rings. It must be some neighbours, wanting to make me feel welcome here. I hope it's not some oldies and is someone my own age!

I open the door, expecting an old age pensioner to be there, standing with a plum pie or something. I did not, however, expect five young and hot boys-definitely my age FYI- standing there with a giant welcome card and a plate of choc-chip cookies in their hands.
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