I Wish

(One Direction are not famous) He left us, my Dad. Mom made me move several times to many different towns and cities, Montana seemed like a perfect place to live. But of course, we move again to London and I meet him. He teaches me to have fun, to live more, and to forget about my Dad. He becomes my world, until something happens to us and I wish for him to forgive me.


5. Alone With Zayn

"So, what looks good to you, love?" Zayn asked me after we walked into the sweet smelling ice cream shop.

"I don't know, what do you think I should get?" I asked squinting at the menu.

"I like the chocolate malts, but you get whatever you want, love."

I still stood looking up at the menu thinking of what to get.

"Kelly, psst Kelly."

I turned to find Niall standing next to me with a smile.


"Get the chocolate malt," Niall gave me a thumbs up sign after he said that.

I stood there confused for a second.

"Isn't that what Zayn's getting?"

Niall just started cracking up in laughs.

I looked over at Zayn who was looking at Niall with a very confused expression on his face.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Zayn asked Niall.

Niall's laughter slowed down as he said, "oh, nothing."

Zayn began whispering in my ear, I could feel his warm breath in my ear.

"Do you want me to choose for you?"

I answered, "sure."

Zayn went up to the counter to order, the four other boys followed. I just stood there and waited for them to come back with my order.

They came back five minutes later with all our orders. Zayn handed me a chocolate malt.

"Thanks," I said.

I realized that Zayn was empty handed.

"Did you get anything?" I asked

"No," Zayn answered.

"Why not?"

Zayn took a while to think about his answer.

"I'm trying to lose weight, love."

I figured that wasn't true, Zayn was very skinny and fit. I knew he must be hiding something. I didn't want to leave him out, so I went over to the table and got another straw. Zayn followed close behind and watched what I was doing,

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"We're going to share," I tell him.

Zayn didn't seem to argue, he hesitated a bit, but he drank the chocolate through the straw anyway. The malt did look really good so I drank through the other straw. Zayn released his lips and stepped back a little. I did the same.

"I didn't think you'd give in that easily," I told him.

Zayn shrugged, "I like chocolate malts."

Just then Zayn's phone went off. He reached into his jean's pocket and got out his iPhone.

"A text from Niall," he announced.

I moved in closer to him to see the screen better.

'Zayn i bet u didnt notice the boys left did u? anyways have fun with your girlfriend!'

Zayn and I both looked up at the same time, the boys weren't there, only an elderly couple and a mom with her toddler. I turned back to Zayn who was staring down at his phone.

"Girlfriend?" I asked him.

Zayn looked up at me blushing.

"Yeah, thats what the boys call you now, you know just to annoy me."

I grew quiet and so did Zayn. We stayed like that for a while staring into each other's eyes. Then I starting thinking, what if Zayn and I did start dating. Then for whatever reason I started thinking of Dad. The way his arms were covered in tattoos, and how when I went to bed every night and looked out my bedroom window I saw him smoking on the back porch, and the way my life seemed fine, until when I woke up one morning and he wasn't there.

"Do you want to go for a walk, love?" Zayn's words broke my thinking.

I stammered, "Oh, sure...yeah...okay."

Zayn half smiled at me and took a sip of the chocolate malt we were sharing. After seeing his smile I thought, why would Zayn want to date me anyways? I have wavy auburn colored hair, ocean blue eyes, no guy has ever had a crush on me, why would Zayn be different?

Then he put his hands in mine and I felt it, I felt how he was different. How could I explain to him that I liked him though? How come I didn't realize I liked him until now?

Zayn let go of my right hand and kept his other hand in my left and we walked out the doors of the ice cream shop.

We just walked down a pale cement sidewalk hand in hand. Then the question I'd been dreading came to mind.

"Zayn?" I asked

"Yes love?" Zayn answered.

"Would it be, I mean, do you think?" I stammered.

Zayn just looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes awaiting my question.

"What if we did start...dating?" I asked finally.

Zayn grew quiet for a while and stared at the sidewalk ahead. His feet stopped, so did mine as I wished I didn't ask the question.

"I think, it would be great," Zayn answered finally.

My mind raced, what did he just say?

"Really?" I asked a little too eager.

"Yeah, why do you want to start dating?" Zayn asked.

I didn't mean to say it really, it just kind of came out, but I really did mean it.

"Yes," I said.

Zayn stared at his shoes with a smile on his face.

"Would your mom like you dating?" he asked.

I thought about this for a second while sitting on the nearest bench. Zayn stayed were he was and watched me think.

"No she wouldn't," I said, "Not after what happened between her and my dad.

Zayn sat down on the bench so his legs pressed up against mine and I could barely feel his breath on my cheek. One of his hands was palm down behind me. It wasn't supposed to happen, or maybe it was, either way it happened.

Zayn's lips pressed up against mine.








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