Our Little Secret

When a new girl named Autumn Horan moves to Jordan Smiths home town and to her new school Jordan gets suspicious thinking she's related to Niall Horan. When she finds out the truth Niall can't keep his eyes off of Jordan. He is in love with her. But something drastic happens that might keep them apart. Find out.


2. That's a way to start the night off

Jordan's P.O.V.

I sat quietly in my seat, not really paying attention to what the teacher said. She really does look like Niall from One Direction. Could they be related? I mean, he does live in Mullingar, the next town over. No. What was I thinking? Autumn couldn't be related to that big a pop star. I thought she seemed like a pretty nice girl and I really wanted to be friends with her. So, with that I asked her for her number and later that night I called her. We had planned to have a sleepover that Friday night. We would see what happened.

Autumn’s P.O.V.

"NIALL!!" I shouted as I walked through the door.

"Hey Aut. How was the first day?" He asked curiously.

"Good. Are you and the boys staying for the weekend?" I asked.

"Yeah, we'll be leaving Tuesday morning for a concert in Los Angeles. We'll be back Thursday though." He said smiling. I threw my backpack on the sofa and turned towards him.

"My friend is sleeping over Friday night, she was getting suspicious in school today. She said I look liked you. It was awkward..." I trailed off. I forgot what I was going to say until I finally spoke up,

"Try to stay out for a good amount of time with the boys. Make sure to keep Louis away," I said with a snicker. "I don't want to scare her off." I said sadly. He pulled me in for one of his famous hugs.

"You know we won't scare her off. I'll keep them away. Promise!" He said and with that I went up stairs to do homework.This school was way easier than my last one. As in last one I mean homeschool. My mum had always had me a grade advanced so I could finish early. I wasn't aloud in public school because my brother, Niall, is super famous and he and mum thought I would be better off at home. I've been begging dad to convince mum to let me enroll for a year to see how it was. I actually quite liked public school, the kids were very friendly. We moved to Devlin a only about 2 months ago. We lived in Mullingar for all my life, and it was different to move. We still had our old house, so you could say we have 2 houses. We go over to my Mullingar over the weekend. But this weekend we were staying here, because my friend was spending the night. I changed my last to Tripet when we moved. Niall was afraid I would be getting too much attention then needed at school with the last name Horan. I didn't really mind, but I honestly did not like my new last name. A knock at the door startled me from doing my maths. I suddenly heard a scream through the other side.

"HI AUTUMN!!!!" A very excited Lou called out. I heard a slap, which made me giggle. "SEE LOOK I MADE HER LAUGH NIALL!" He screamed once more before I opened the door. I was attacked with hugs, and eventually, I fell to the ground as a dog piled formed on top of me. Niall sat back in my bed just laughing his head off.

"Niall... Little.. Help... Here.." I said breathlessly. He quickly got up and yelled for everyone to get off. That's one thing about him, he always protected me. I mean I was 17 years old, close behind him only a 2 year difference.

"Hey Aut!" Harry screamed in my ear.

"God Harold, why so loud?" I chuckled. I realized I was still in my uniform so i motioned them out.

"GET OUT, GET OUT!" I shoved them through the door. Then I heard Louis screamed,

"GET OUTTA MY HEAD!" I laugh hysterically at his comeback. He was so dumbly stupid sometimes.

I ran to my drawer in the corner in my room, I picked out a blue 'Pink' sweatshirt, and a pare of lightly washed jeans. I put on my tan boots, and but my blonde/brown hair in a fishtail braid. I walked down stairs to see all the boys gathered in the living room, looking serious.

"What's up guy..?" I said slowly. I soon got cut off from a scream that sounded like Louis'

"PRESENT TIME!!!!!!!!" He shouted. God these boys don't shut up.

"OH YEAH! presents! I'll be right back, mine are in the kitchen." I exclaimed. Niall quickly followed behind me. Of course. Ha. We do this thing were we would exchange gifts every time we saw each other. Last year, Liam got me a pair of socks with the boys faces on it. He wrote a little note inside that I will never forget.
Happy exchange day, these are some socks for the cold winter. They have the boys faces on it, if you didn't notice. Now, don't use these for your feet, use them as sock puppets. Do me a favor, make a video of you making one of the boys saying something stupid, and post it on twitter. Love youuuu!
Your favorite of the band, duhhhhh
I did exactly that, and the video is all over the Internet. Of course, Niall got me back by posting a video of me getting hit with a foam ball. That was embarrassing. I grabbed my presents and headed to the door when Niall stopped me.

"What did you get them?" He asked. I smirked

"you really think I'm gonna tell YOU what I got them? In your dreams horan." I walked out the door, Niall followed once more. I handed out the presents and I told them they could open it whenever they got it handed it to them. I got Harry and new Jack Wills sweatshirt, I got Louis a megaphone, and I knew when he opened it, it was a bad idea. I got Zayn a new brush with his name engraved in it, I got Liam a bag that says, 'I'm with these idiots'. And then there was a picture of the boys below it. Everyone laughed at it.

"What no present for your big old brotha?" Niall said patting his stomach.

"I DO have a present, but as soon as you stop acting like Santa and rubbing your stomach I'll give it to you" I said while smiling.

"Fine, fine. But I am not Santa." He said trying to act serious.

"Whatever you say, Snowflake." I said laughing to myself.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Do you want your present or not?" I questioned.

"Yeah, give it over!" He said, putting his hands out. I dropped a small box in his hand. He didn't look impressed until he opened it. I got him a gold chain necklace with a 4 leaf clover that was engraved on the back.

To The Irishman
I love you and I will miss you! Call me whenever!
Your favorite sibling, Autumn

Before I could say anything, I got smothered in hugs. Looks like the boys were looking over his shoulder as he opened it,

"Happy Exchange day..?" I said slowly.

"HAPPY EXCHANGE DAY!!!" They said in unison. Good way to start off the night I think.
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