Is this really happening?

Emma is a 17year old girl born and raised in Westminster, London. She has a tough life… her mom died in a car accident when she was 14 and her father abandoned her. She wants it all to end, but will someone come in the picture?


1. Chapter 1






I slowly slid the razor across my wrist, watching the warm blood trickle down my arm… I can't take it. My father abandoned me and my mother when I was born, I was a mistake. My mom died when I was 14. Ever since then, I've been living with my friend Sam. We met in 6th grade, we always told each other everything, he just doesn't know about this. I put a believable smile on everyday just for him. He is my only friend, but he's the best. He is always there for me… when people bully me. 


"Emma Fey to the principals office please" The announcer spoke over the intercom.

I picked up my book and bag and headed out of my math class. I wasn't sure why I was being called but I'm glad I get to skip math. I walked through the door and headed to the desk where the principal stood waiting for me. "Im Emma, you called?" I said to her from across the desk. She slowly stood up from her chair and a tear fell down her cheek. I was so confused. "Is everything al-" I was cut off by her hugging me and sobbing into my shoulder. "Your mum… got in a car crash… they say she won't make it." She said between sobs. "Wh-what?" I stuttered. "I'm so sorry" she says. They were really good friends. I began sobbing and stayed into the hug, gaining weird looks from people. I ran out of the office, and ran all the way home. What was I going to do… I thought. I unlocked the door and ran straight in… the pictures and memories of me and my mom flooded my mind. I sat on the cold,hard floor crying. I cut myself for the first time that night, and haven't stopped since.


Thinking of that day, made tears form in my crystal blue eyes. I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling. What is there to live for… I thought to myself. I was pulled out of my deep thoughts when I heard a knock on the door. "Can I come in?" It was Sam. I stood up and unlocked the door. He must've saw my tears and pulled me into a huge bear hug. "Whats wrong Em?" I couldn't respond. I just sat on my bed and said "Please leave, I need some alone time…" He nodded and went out the door. After a few minutes I decided i'd try to get it off my mind by taking a walk. I changed into a big loose sweater and jeans. I fixed my makeup and headed out the door. I ran down the stairs and found Sam on the couch looking worried. I ran up to him and said "Thank you…I'm going to take a walk, don't wait up for me." He hugged me and nodded "You sure you okay?" He said. "I'm fine." With that I headed out the front door. He is the most amazing friend.


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