Finding Love

Alison Marie is a big fan of the pop british/irish boy band. you could say that shes obsessed...but shes more like dedicated. She is completely in love with the entire band. when she gets tickets for their concert next month heading back to her rented house for the next few days she runs into one of the boys and he brings Alison to meet the rest of the boys too. Will she fall head over heels for this mystery boy?


5. the tickets and authors note

I cant believe I have one direction tickets! the concert is next week and im staying at a rented house! the home is absolutely beautiful! its so huge and has a pool out back. it has 3 king sized rooms and king sized beds. I cant wait! its going to be the best week ever!

since you will be gone for a week I have put some money in your purse that you need to bring in your suitcase make sure you pack your phone and lots of clothes. my mom told me.

I give my best friend a big long hug and give my parents hugs and tell the rest of my friends goodbye when they walk out the door but stella was going to stay and help me pack for the summer trip.

okay well since it's summer you are going to need...shorts, tanktops, skirts, t shirts, and sunglasses, sunscr- stella would not stop talking until I cut her off.

okay okay okay I know what I should be bringing stella! I said.

haha okay! so you like your gift right? she said.

OH MY GOD YES! I screamed and hugged her and jumped up and down.

okay I see you do! she added

we continued searching for certain clothes so basically we packed my entire wardrobe...we packed it all into the suitcase and put the passport, ticket, house keys, and car keys, into the bag. I couldn't wait for this week to pass!


authors note- thank you for reading contact me

kik- shelbino


I am so happy because.... *drum roll* there is now a co-author for this story!! hopefully we will both update a lot and get this story very successful and onto the popular page someday its my dream to have a movellas on the popular page keep reading! sorry for the short chapter again!




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