Finding Love

Alison Marie is a big fan of the pop british/irish boy band. you could say that shes obsessed...but shes more like dedicated. She is completely in love with the entire band. when she gets tickets for their concert next month heading back to her rented house for the next few days she runs into one of the boys and he brings Alison to meet the rest of the boys too. Will she fall head over heels for this mystery boy?


1. preparing birthday parties

Alison? my mom called.

what? I moaned from under my blankets.

it's time to get up sweetie it's time to prepare for your birthday party you have a big day ahead of you because you are turning 16 you know? mom replied.

fine give me 5 minutes please mum.

My mum finally left my room. sometimes she could be quite a pest. I finally got up and stared around my room one direction posters and quotes filled my walls. you could say im a fan... im a little more than a fan im dedicated girl DEDICATED.

"man I have to get dressed," I muttered.

I searched around my dressers for something to it. I found a bright blue shirt and white skinny jeans and a pair of black VANS. I slip on my clothes and VANS and walk out of my room.

MUM IM HUNGRY! I screamed down the hall

well get some food and calm down I know your excited that your turning 16 today Alison.

it's true I was happy like seriously happy but who knows what else the day could bring...

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