Take You

"I could take you home..." I whispered in her ears, our cheeks touching softly. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice...

(*Justin Bieber's P.O.V*)


1. Are You Okay?

I looked out into the crowd. There was hundreds of people just yelling my name, wanting more. I smiled at my fans and used every bit of strength in my voice to say my last words before heading off.

''I LOVE YOU NEW YORK.'' I yelled into my microphone, sweat dripping from the sides of my temples. I walked off the stage smiling at my beliebers. I couldn't wait to just relax. Some of you may know that I have a real bad history with glass doors. I don't know if they're just cleaned too well, or I'm blind. I ran into one just last week, and the pain is still lingering. To top it off, I caught the flu a few days ago. It's wearing off, but I'm in the worst condition.
''How ya feeling?'' Scooter asked handing me an icy water bottle. I twisted the cap open and chugged on it for a few seconds. I sighed, swallowing a chunk of ice that felt good against my throat. I shook my head in dissapointment. ''Like shi-'' I began to answer being cut off.

''Watch your mouth boy.'' Alfredo warned walking past me. ''I don't want to hear that talk.'' Usher said, patting my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and just fell down on a couch nearby. My throat was getting hot, and saliva was rising up my mouth. I knew what was about to come up, so I ran to the nearest trash can trying to hold my mouth closed. When I couldn't find any, I just went outside.

''Here come's dinner.'' I muttered running to the closest exit. I slammed the door open, and leaned over the rail. The cold air hit me roughly, drying the sweat on my face. I swallowed a lump in my throat; my vomiting needs going down. I breathed slowly, being able to see my hot breath in the misty air. I relaxed a bit once the worst was over.

''Ow.'' Someone mumbled on the other side of the door. I leaned over and spotted a young girl, probably seventeenish. She immediately caught my eye, making me stare at her features. She was really tan, and her eyes just stood out in the dark. They were a dark greenish color. Her lips were a light red from the cold weather outside. I watched her rub her forehead back and forth, reaIizing must have knocked her down when I slammed the door open.

''Did I hit you?'' I asked trying to recap what had happened. I jumped down the stairs, holding on to the rail. She nodded her head, attempting to get up but soon falling back down.

''I'm so sorry. Come inside. It's freezing out here.'' I politely asked, trying to make up for my accident. I tried to help her up, but she refused any help from me. We walked inside, being eyed by everyone in the room.

''Uh, can I have a bag of ice. I accidently hit her.'' I asked Scooter, gesturing my head over to the girl. Scooter got up, preparing a bag of ice. ''What's your name?'' I asked the girl. She took a while to speak, but soon relaxed her face a little once Scooter had brought her the ice. ''I-I'm Elizabeth Ann. You can just call me Bethanny. Beth, for Elizabeth, and Anny for Ann. Just, It mixes together li-'' She explained, stopping because she was slightly embarrased of talking too much.

Bethanny's cheeks lingered with blush written all over it once I had laughed at her nervousness. She gently placed the ice bag on her forehead, her nose wrinkling from the pain.

''Well, Bethanny..I'm really sorry for hurting you.'' I apologized sincerely, hoping to get acception. She nodded saying it's nothing when clearly, she was hurt. ''Apology accepted. Do you have a phone? My battery's dead.'' She asked checking her cell.

I scrambled around the room finding a phone. Handing it to her, she smiled and took it making her look like an angel. She pulled her curly dark blonde hair back as she held the phone up to her ear after dialing. I observed her face, noticing that she was a beauty. She would stand out in a crowd of girls.

''Yeah, Can you come pick me up. It got really cold outside and I don't want to walk home in this weather... and condition.'' She asked glancing up at me, reminding me that I was the cause of her condition. Her face was worried when she got a reply. ''Why can't you just come?''

I got up and stood behind her body sitting on the couch, as everyone was preparing to leave.''I can take you home.'' I whispered in her ear, our cheeks touching softly. I smirked at her seductively. She scooted away slowly, bunching her eyebrows together in confusion, finally nodding with no choice. ''You know what? Stay there. I have a ride.'' She growled into the phone, hanging it up.

''Ouch. Who was that? I'd hate to be them. '' I said in attempt to cool her down. She released a light giggle, making me smile even more than I already was. ''That was my older brother.'' She said, shaking her head. Uh oh. Competition.

''Come on Justin, the driver's here.'' Alfredo yelled from the entrance. He turned around noticing Bethanny. ''Oh, I didn't know we were hooking up with fans now.'' He said jokingly, making Bethanny giggle. ''I'm not a fan.'' I heard her say. ''And I'm not hooking up with her idiot.'' I muttered getting up from the couch. ''Let's go.'' I told to Bethanny, frowning secretly when she said she wasn't a fan.


Kayyy so this is part 1 c; I wanna see what you guys think and hopefully I'll continue it tomorrow. K. I love Justin. And pizza. And you c':


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