Give me Love

Roxy lived with her dad after her mom died when she was only 3 years old. her dad was always working so she had to take care of herself, but she knew her dad loved her very much. Everyday was the same untill she got some news she was not happy about. (sorry if it kinda sucks 1st fanfic writen and mispelled words) please tell me what you think. THANKS!


10. The interview

*Louis POV*

When Niall and Roxy came home from their date I walked out of my room to see them making out by the front door. "Hey there are children here."I yelled at them making them pull apart from their kiss. Roxy looked at me "Shut up Lou." I just laughed at her. "Well I am going to go to bed Night Lou." "Night Rox." She looked at Niall. I could so tell that she loved him it was so noticable. "Thanks again Niall for tonight." "No problem any time." Niall said as she walked to her room leaving Niall and me by the door. "So how was tonight Niall?" I said giving him a little shove. "It was good." "Oh come on Niall don't lie to me I know it was better then that tell me everthing that happened." "okay fine it was amazing." "Now tell me everthing that happened." Niall told me everything from getting to the ressturant to walking to the park holding hands. I kinda laughed when Niall told me that he sang one thing to Roxy. "That kinda chessey bro." "I don't she liked it." "Well we better go to bed we have to go to the studio tomorrow." "Oh alright night Lou." "Night Niall." Niall walked to his room and shut the door. I walked up to Roxy's room to ask her what she thought of the date. When I got to her door I heard music playing. I was Don't You Worry Child by the Swedish House Mafia. I peaked my head into her room to see if she was asleep.

"Oh hey Lou come in." She was on her laptop doing something. I jumped on her bed next to her looking at her laptop. "What ya doin?" "Nothing just chillin out on twitter." "You got a twitter?" "Yeah." "What's your user name?" "Rox1652" (this is not a real twitter account.) I pulled out my phone and searched her name. I followed her and tweeted her. 'It's my new buddy @Rox1652!' she looked at her laptop and laughed. "Really Lou?" "What?" I said acting like I didn't do anything "So what did you think of your date with Niall?" I asked her. She looked at me with a 'what the fuck' look the looked down and I could tell she was blushing. "So it was good." "I can trust you right?" "Yeah totally." "It was AMAZING, the best date I have ever been on." "So what do you think of Niall?" "I think he is sweet and he makes me feel like a princess and-" She trailed off as she started to blush. I just laughed. "So are you coming to the studio tomorrow with us?" "I don't know maybe when are you guys heading into the studio?" "Well your dad said he wanted us there at 7 in the morning but lets see that happen Harry doesn't get up till noon." "Oh wow well I will txt Luke and ask him if he could cover my shift tomorrow." "Sounds good quick question." "Yeah?" "Who's Luke?" "Oh he is one of my old friends and a co worker." "Alright."

I looked at the time it was 1 in the morning. "I better get some sleep." "Me too see you in the morning Lou." "See ya Rox." I got off of her bed and walked to my room. I shared it with Harry now because he always came in to wake me up so I could make him breakfast so he just share a room now. He was sleeping on the floor I honestly don't know why. I just ignored him and went straight to bed.


*Roxy's POV*

I woke up and looked at my phone it was 6. so I figured I should get up and get ready. I took a shower and got dressed then walked out to get breakfast. Niall was sitting at the breakfast bar thing that was in the middle of our kitchen. "Morning babe did you sleep okay?" "Yes I did who about you?" "Yeah, are you coming to the studio with us today?" "Yeah why not." "Yay!" Ah Niall was so cute. I grabbed a pan out of the cabnet. I also got some eggs out of the fridge. I was almost finished cooking some eggs when Zayn, Louis and Liam came upstairs. "I smelled some food." Louis said. "Well I am just cooking eggs." "Yummy." They all said at the same time. All of us were finished eating our eggs when Harry came upstairs. "Morning sleepy head." Zayn said to Harry. "Morning." Harry said. "You want some eggs?" I asked. "Yeah why not, When do we have to be at the studio?" Harry asked the rest of the boys. "7." Louis answered him. "But it's 9." "Yeah we know we were waiting for you to get up." "Oh well we better get ready to go then." Harry said getting up to get ready. "We will be ready in 20 mins." Liam said to me as him Louis, Zayn and Harry went to get ready to go to the studio. Niall and I were all ready to go. "Okay sounds good." I said to Liam. I turned back to Niall and he was staring at me. "Hey earth to Niall." I said waving my hand in front of face. "Oh sad um.." He looked down at his hands in embarissment. "HARRY GET OUT OF THE SHOWER ALREADY!" I heard Lou scream. Niall and I started laughing.

Almost a half an hour later Niall and I were still waiting for the rest of the boys to be ready to go to the studio. "HARRY WAKE UP." Liam started yelling. Niall started laughing "Oh Harry." he said shaking his head. Niall's phoen started ringing. "Hello?...Hey Simon what up....Oh Harry wouldn't get out of the shower then fell asleep.....I know typical Harry we should be ready here soon....Oh your at the studio...Awesome...Yeah I'll told the boys and we will be there in a little bit..Okay see ya there...Bye." He put his phone back in his pocket. "Who was that?" I asked. "Oh that was Simon." "Your kidding me." "No I'm not." "So I get to meet Simon?" "Yeah." "GUYS HURRY UP AND GET READY OR WE ARE GOING TO LEAVE YOU HERE AND YOU WILL HAVE TO WALK TO STUDIO!" I screamed to the boys. "Are we really going to leave them?" Niall asked me. "no but at least they will hurry up." "Oh ha." All the boy scame out all ready. "Ready?" the all noded"okay lets go." We all got into my car and I started to drive to the studio

We arrived at the studio within 20 mins. I was surpised not see a bunch fans in fact there were no fans there. We walked inside. "Hey Mitchelle." I said "Oh hey Roxy how have you been?" "Good and you?" "Good well your dad has been waitin so you guys better hurry and go to the studio." "Oh okay thanks see ya later." We got in the lift and I pushed the button to go to the 5th floor. As we reached the 5th floor the door opened and my dad was waiting there. "Finally you guys are here what took you so long?" He asked us. "Well Harry didn't wake up till 9 and then wouldn't get out of the shower then fell asleep." I explained to him. "Oh well then boys you better go to studio 6 it is the 3rd door on your right." "Alright, is Simon in there?" Niall asked. "Simon is here?" all of the boys asked. "Yeah." "Well lets go." They all said and ran down the hall. I just laughed.

My dad and I walked into studio 6 and the boys were just about to start the radio interview. I forgot that studio 6 was the radio station I hadn't been in here in so long. The Interview was just about to start. All of the guys and Simon were sitting down with their headsets on waiting for the radio show to start.

The 'On Air' light came on and everyone got silent. "Welcome back I'm Frank Songs and you are here with Rox Radio." (Not a real radio station) "We are here today with One Direction, Hey boys." a song of hello rang from the boys. "How are you today?" "Good" Lou answered. "I hear you boys are working on a new album?" "Yes that's true." Liam said. "So what can we expect in this new album." "Well we can't give away to much but so amazing songs and just fun music." Niall said with a smile. "Alright if you would like to ask the boys some questions then call in or tweet us @RoxRadio we will be back." the 'On Air' shut off. Everyone started talking in their own little conversations. The studio door opened. I tured to see who was it was. In the doorway stood Simon. My mouth droped to the floor. I couldn't believe that I was about to meet Simon. "UNCLE SIMON!" All of the boys screamed and got up and gave him a huge group hug. "Hey boys how have you been?" "Good Simon how about you?" Harry asked. "Good." "We are back in 2." Frank said."Want to join us Simon." "Why not." the boys and Simon sat down to continue the interview.

"You are here on Rox Radio we are with One Direction. We have some question here on twitter. um...... okay here is a good one by the way I am not going to say the name of this person or their twitter name alright question number 1. This one is for Liam 'Liam people call you daddy direction so how is being daddy direction? Does it seem like you are watching a bunch of little kids?'" Liam just laughed "Well not really I think that Paul feels like that and maybe Simon but I don't really feel like I am watching little kids because I am sometimes the one that helps be crazy." "Okay we have another question here for Niall. um.. this fan asks Niall will you marry me?" "Ha well I'll have to meet ya first but maybe."

They answered some more questions for about 10 mins. "We will be back to take phone calls after this short music break on Rox Radio." "we are off you have 10 mins." the audio guy said with his deep very monster like voice. "Simon I would like you to meet Roxy." I almost jumped out of my seat because I didn't know that Niall was behind me. "Did I scare you babe oh I am so sorry." Niall said in a sad voice. "No I'm ok, Hello I'm Roxy big fan." I said shaking Simons hand. "Nice to meet you too." "So I see the love birds are together again." Louis said coming up behind Simon and putting an arm around his shoulder. "What....Shut up Lou!" I screamed at him. "Are you two together?" Simon asked pointing to Niall and me. "30 seconds" the audio guy yelled. Simon, Lou and Niall went and sat down to finish the interview. "We are here with One Direction and Simon has just joined us....We have a few calls coming in here is one from a girl named Rose from texas Hello you are on Rox Radio." "Hey I just want to say I love you guys and hello Simon." the girl said. "Hello how are you?" Simon asked her. "Good well my question is who much fun is it being in a band?" "It is really fun and what makes it more amazing is when you and the other members in your band are basicly family." Liam answered. "Aw Liam." the rest of the boys said at the same time. "Well thanks for calling the next caller is from New York. Hello whats your name?" "Hi my name is Sophe." a sweet voice said she sounded about 6 it was so cute. "I wanted to ask who had girlfriends in the band?" "I do." Lou said first "Me too." Liam said "I do too." Zayn said. "I don't." Harry said. "Niall what about you?" Lou said with a smile on his face. "Uh.." Niall looked at me and gave me 'are we together' look. I nodded yes. "I am with someone." everyone in the room looked at Niall with shocked faces except Louis. "WHAT?" everyone said at the same time. "well thank you for calling Sophe. well we are out of time say goodbye to One Direction and Simon." "Goodbye everyone." The boys said.

We were off air and the boys, Simon, Dad and me left the studio. It was silent untill we got into the lift. "Niall finally has his princess." Harry said giving Niall a little shove. "Shut up Harry." Niall said back. The rest of the ride in the lift and on the way home was really awkward the boys kept asking us questions and making kissy faces and just being jerks. Then Simon joined in. for a while I thought that he was on our side but I was wrong.


Hello peoples just wanted to say thanks for reading my fan fic I really happy about that and sorry that I haven't been posting many chapters I have semester test and writers block it sucks. Please tell me what you think if you don't like it please say so, so that I can make it better. I also want to add another person in this story could be Roxy's friend or Harry's girlfriend or a new co worker if you would like to be in my fanfic just send me an email at please describe yourself and what you would like to be in my story you can be one of the girlfriends of one of the boys if you want to then tell me what hot lad you would like to date. Thx again for reading and yeah I better study some more see ya all.

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