Out at sea

Anna is a young girl who suffers from the loss of her father out at sea. She tries to cope with everyday life: helping her single mother and younger brother Benji to make the most of life, though it all gets too much. With the stress and anxiety of moving schools, Anna is anything but fine. Her long trips up to the beach are tiring, but they're worth it when she gets to look out and imagine her Dad beside her. But everything seems to result in tears, and Anna realises she's stayed strong for too long.


1. Prologue

It's been two months since my father died, but it seems like it was only yesterday. He was a sailor, always out at sea with his mates, and I would watch them sail out in the yacht my father owned every weekend. I always used to wave him goodbye, perching myself on the end of my favourite rock that would sit comfortably on the sandy beach, the tide not strong enough to push it off balance. I loved that scene, the perfect moment and the only part of the weekend I actually looked forward to.

And then it just happened. It happened one day, and I don't know how. I just remember being told, being told by my mother that my father was gone. My younger brother Benji would cry his eyes out every time we visited the beach after the incident, whereas I would find calmness in just walk along the tide line on my own, and trying to remember the happy days.  There was no point in weeping because I always think of my father being there, right out at sea.

Sometimes I imagine him coming back for me in his old yacht, gently swaying in the breeze and making his way towards the shore. But I now know that's never going to happen. I can't go on pretending in my own world of dreams-this is reality. And reality you can't change. So it was true, that from that day on: sitting on the rock at the beach would never be the same...

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