This is for the poetry competition. It's about well... rain


2. Dancing in the rain

When I'm alone and life has me down

I always know what to delete that frown

It seems to take away some pain

So lets go dancing in the rain


As if purging my soul

Telling me I can reach all my goals

But I don't dream of memory or fame

So lets go dancing in the rain


When I was a child, I used to taste raindrops

Wishing for it to never stop

A shower on a summer's day

So lets go dancing in the rain


A girl stood in the rain. Her hair sticking to her forehead and neck. She twirled in the rain, her arms outstretched and the blue dress matching the hue of the rain. She tilted her head back, giving herself up to the rain. Odd looks from neighbouring windows. But she doesn't care.

She just wants to dance in the rain





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