Head Over Heels

Sky Tomlinson is funny, has an obsession with carrots, loves to sing, play guitar, and loves photography. She works at "Music Café" where new artists play music 12/7 for the hours they are open. Sky sings and plays guitar. She has amazing talent, just like her father, Louis Tomlinson. She loves country music, and that's the kind she writes. Maybe it started when she went to live with her grandma in Texas for a summer. Who knows? Sky writes love songs, but one day she actually writes a song about her crush, Jason Styles, son of her dad's bet friend, Harry Styles. What Sky doesn't know is someone else is after him too...


1. Prologue

Two houses stand side by side. They are both single family homes, and big ones too. The kid's bedrooms are facing each other. The rooms are big and have large windows so that you can see into the other's room, but there are curtains for privacy.
A girl about nine years old is in the house on the left, and a boy about the same age is in the house on the right.
The girl opens one of the windows and says, "Hey, are you free to go to the creek?" She's dressed in a t-shirt and swimming shorts for girls and is bare-foot.
"Ready?" The boy asks. "I was born ready." He's wearing a t-shirt with swimming trunks, also bare-foot.
"Race ya!" The girl says before she closes the window.
"You're on, Sky!" the boy says.
The two run down the stairs in their house and out their front doors. The boy pushes past the girl.
"Jason! No fair!" the girl cries.
"Sky, like I always say," the boys says, still running.
Then the two say together, "You snooze, ya loose."
Soon they arrive at the creek. "C'mon, slow-poke!" the girl calls.
"I'm coming!" the boys replies.
The two lock hands and jump into the deepest part of the creek together, doing it several times before climbing into a tree.
"Sky?" the boy asks.
"Yeah, Jason?"
"When we grow up, what will we do?"
"I dunno. What do people do when they get older?"
"Date, I guess."
The two looked at each other for the longest time, then started cracking up.
"Us? That's too funny!" the girl said, almost falling out of the tree.
"Careful! Don't be...be like Uncle...Uncle Niall when he laughs!" the boy said in between laughs.
"Same to you!"
"Don't make me push you out of this tree," the little boy said in a warning tone.
"Like you could push me out of a tree!" the girl teased.
"I could too!"
"Please! You couldn't even beat me down this tree!"
"Sounds like a challenge."
"It is," the girl said. "Three, two, one, go!"
The two started climbing down as fast as they could. The girl beat the boy down.
"Told you!" she said as she did a victory dance.
"Race you to the tree house!"
The two raced through the trees and bushes surrounding the creek. They raced to touch a tree with a crude tree house perched in it's branches. The boy won.
"Ha!" he said and did his victory dance.
"Whatever!" the girl replied, shoving the boy.
"Hey!" he said.
The two began to climb into the tree house together.

~~~Seven Years Later~~~

"Sky!" Jason called, rushing towards the girl standing at her locker.
"Yes, Jason? What is so utterly important that you must interrupt me at this most important time in the day?" Sky asked, rolling her green eyes.
The two laughed, because they both knew that it was the end of the day, and Sky was going to her locker to get her stuff to go home.
The two looked like they were easy around each other, like they knew the other's move, and how they worked. Sky, with her slightly wavy but mostly straight brown hair, green eyes, and tomboy-ish but also a little girly build, was easy-going, happy, loved to sing, play guitar, and photography.
Jason, with his wind-blown, curly, brown hair, green eyes, and toned muscles, was cute, comfortable, and fun to be around. The two were just best friends, but they could, and should, be more.
"I just wanted to say good-bye since I won't be seeing you for the whole summer!"
Sky groaned. "Don't remind me! I'm going to miss you, mom, dad, Taylor, Dani and Josh, and Sarah!"
The six were best friends, Taylor was Niall's daughter and looked exactly like him. Dani and Josh Payne were twins, and were a mix of Danielle and Liam, their parents. Sarah was Zayn's daughter, and couldn't look more like it.
"Sorry, but at least you get to go country! Yee Haw!" Jason said.
Sky laughed. "You're almost as funny as I am! Well, I gotta go, mom's picking me up to drive me to the airport."
"Oh, yeah, how is El?"
"She's great! She's been doing a lot better since she started taking a new antibiotic for her head aches."
"That's good. Well, I won't keep Eleanor waiting. See ya next school year!"
"Yeah, see you soon, I hope!" Sky said cheerfully, but inside, she was crying. How could she be away from him for a whole summer and not die? She loved him.
Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention, she's had a crush on him since they were kids?
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