When Two Worlds Collide

The only thing different about Effemy Dillard was her name.

That was until she found herself stranded in a hazardous forest, with just no exit. Try dropping the bomb on a lost, confused girl that she is the only hope for the world's existence. That she was the only one who could control the merging of Earth and Tezave. Trying to convince Effemy that a world full of magical creatures was real would be difficult, but this is an unexpected journey.


1. Hope And Wait

       If you were to look in a large crowd, in search of someone different, you would not select Effemy Dillard. At first sight, you'd see nothing other than a regular teenage girl- with common mousy brown hair, the same glistening brown eyes, and the same pale, Caucasian girl. Effemy was always up to date with the latest celebrity news, such as other 15-year-old girls. No massive difference here. 


     However, if you were from Tezave, you were to immediately spot this girl as the savior of Tezave. You'd know that the lives of everybody in Earth and Tezave were in this girl's hands. 


    Try to drop that bomb on her. 


    No, twas not easy to convince an incredulous girl that she was needed to save a world full of "mythical" creatures (according to the humans on Earth). They would have to lure her into Tezave- the only way. 


    Well, this was what the Elf Council came up with, as they gathered around the long, oak table. 


    "Yes, and how would we be able to bring her into Tezave by 'accident'?" Domanda, one of the elves asked, raising his hands to draw attention. 


    "Why, portals, of course!" Pensare, another short and stout elf proposed. 


    "Portals? In the human world?" Dubbio, a selfish elf, snorted. "Absurd!"


   "Absurd as it is, dear brethren, I don't suppose you have an idea greater than mine?" Pensare claimed.


    Thus, war broke out among the elves, bickering as they may. 


   "Men!" Redielf, the king of elves, boomed, causing a layer of silence upon them. "What good shall fighting do? Now, I believe Pensare is right- we must cleverly place a portal somewhere where the girl is bound to go."


   "A forest!" Domanda suggested, interrupting the thoughts of his fellow elves. 


   "A forest? What a nitwit!" Dire exclaimed, jabbing a plump finger towards Domanda. "What human will venture into the woods?"


   "No...I like the idea of a forest," said Redielf, leaning back into his stone throne, stroking his auburn beard in thought.


   "But sir... what a preposterous thought! Why would a young girl venture into the woods? We must be realistic, sir," Dire persuaded. 


    "SILENCE!" Redielf shouted, pounding his beefy fist onto the stone table.  Not a single wince came from Redielf, as he crossed his arms. Dire's face turned a bright red, as he cowered back into his seat. "What if we disguised the portal?" 


   "Why, of course, sir!" Domanda nodded. "I'll even get Furbo on it! He will be ecstatic to have a new task!" 


   "Do that now please. We have no time for such balderdash!" Redielf demanded. Domanda nodded and hopped out of his seat, scurrying to the exit, but not without bowing down to Redielf. "How much time is left?" asked Redielf. 


    "Five days, in counting, sir." Tempo, an elf at the end of the table, squeaked. He was a scrawny elf, always nervous. His bone structure was thin and sharp, turning every so often. 


    When the elves' attention fell back to Redielf's throne, they were baffled at the empty seat. 


    "Five days." The loud, deep voice made the elves jump in surprise, as their eyes scanned around the room, in search for their master. Their eyes rested upon the sight of the tall man, gazing out of the large window. "I believe we're running out of time. The portal must be finished by tomorrow at the most. Darkness is already setting in- it is hard to tell apart from night to day."


   "What are we going to do, sir? About Scuro?" the voice of Pensare asked. A collective shudder was performed between the entire Elf Council. For Scuro was a treacherous name, a name which can cause plenty of shudders. Scuro was the king of all evil and darkness, and it just so happened that this villain was also Redielf's brother. And now, he was conspiring to take over the realm of Tezave.


    "There's not much we can do, Pensare," Redielf admitted, immediately identifying Pensare's voice without a mere glance. "We must wait." 


     And wait they did, all until the portal was disguised and placed. All these elves could do was wait, in hopes that their plan had been accomplished. Hope and wait was all they did. Maybe some good would come from it, all they had to do was wait. 




    "Hurry up, Effemy! The bus is pulling around the corner!" Molly Dillard shouted up the stairs, hoping her voice will be traveled into Effemy's room. Loud music was playing in the small room of Effemy's, yet she still heard her mother's voice. Pressing the button of her iPod player, she turned off her music and snatched up her bag from the door knob of her closet door. As she stormed out of the room, she stopped in the presence of a mirror, doing regular teenage things, such as fix her hair, and straighten out her shirt. "Effemy!" 


    Effemy rolled her eyes in the mirror and traipsed out the door, down the stairs, and out the door. 


   "Rain," she grumbled, feeling the cool drops of evaporation cling to her face. "Just my luck." She hadn't grabbed an umbrella or a jacket, so she lifted her backpack over her head and ran for the bus. She called after it, as it began to drive away. This is not my day, she thought, as she bounded down the sidewalk of her street, waving her hands around like a mad person. 


    She chased the bus, and she chased the bus, and she chased the bus, all the way to the next stop- on the other side of Cloverton! She mixed in with the kids of Chestnut Avenue, stomping onto the bus with reluctance. Raindrops were scattered around the other students, but not nearly as drenched as Effemy. She followed the kids down the bus aisle, taking a seat in the front. 


    "Effie!" a voice called, and a smile immediately found its way to Effemy's face. Her best friend, Tom, plopped down beside her, scowling at her. "Where were you?" 


    "Missed the bus," she sighed, ringing out her hair. 


    "You're soaking wet," Tom commented. 


    "I didn't notice." 


    And so, the bus zoomed off to the school, where our story truly begins, and you see when these two completely different worlds collide.

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