Bella goth is gone

Late last night bella goth was on the terrance of her home at 11:00 and then Alians came and took her away.How can her husband Mortimer and her sister Cassandra get over the tragerty and can they get Bella Back for good


1. When she was mine

(Mortimers Pvo)


Bella went missing late last night she was looking through a telscope and then she was gone..Bella ment th world too me I miss her she might come back I have no idea.


"Mortimer we have to go to bellas meeting to find her"Shouted Cassandra.Cassandra is our daughter and so is little Alexander our boy.We wanted more but im 59 Days old so I wont live for long anyways."Mortimer the team are waiting"Shouted Cassandra"Ok ok im coming"I shouted.


As I got in the car I went dizzy then I saw Bella"Hello Mortimer I have missed you I am ok do not worry please dont worry I will be back soon"Said Bella."Dad Dad Dad Its ok Were you dreaming about Bella aging"Said cassandra"No no no Bella is ok she will be fine I miss her its only because you hated your mom"Shouted mortimer.


"Bella was the best mum ever"Whispered Cassandra.

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