these are One Direction preferences can leave requests in the comments.


1. Preference #1: Lazy Days

Harry: Baking. You and Harry make all sorts of cupcakes, and ice them with different colored frostings. The oven will beep and Harry removes the cupcake tin carefully, winking at you as he sets them down on the stove top. You get antsy waiting for the cupcakes to cool, so Harry gives you kisses to calm you down. "Harry, I think they're cooled now!" You whine as he pins you to the counter, laughing at your failed attempt to persuade him after only thirty-seconds had past. You get annoyed and take the bowl of icing, rubbing it all over his face. "You did not," He gasps and scoops the sweet substance onto your head. It ends up in a giant icing war.

Louis: Building a fort. Louis loves raiding the house for any blanket, pillow, and sheets in attempt to build the perfect fort. You bring your laptop and watch movies on Netflix while eating popcorn in the dark under the blankets. "My back hurts... want to give me a massage?" His eyebrows wiggle up and down and you roll your eyes as you sit on top of him. The two of you take turns giving each other massages, which turn into massive tickle fights. 

Niall: Movies. You two snuggle up on the couch with a warm blanket and a bowl of popcorn, laughing away at romantic comedies and the occasional -- to your displeasure -- horror movie. He'll get up to find any candy in the house, from Twizzlers to Caramels, and dump it into the popcorn creating a strange but tasty mix. Every time he eats something sour, he'll reach over and plant a kiss on your lips to get rid of the taste. "Niall, I don't like sour stuff either," you whine as he does it for the thirtieth time. "Your lips are sweet though," he frowns. You smile and kiss his adorable pout.

Liam: Games. Liam has some board games shoved on the top shelf of his closet, and you sit around the living room playing Monopoly and Trouble. It always turns into a competitive game, whoever loses has to clean the other persons laundry or do their chores for two weeks. When you win, Liam jumps on you and tickles you until you let him have a rematch. "Thanks babe," he winks and gives you a kiss on your cheek as he sets the game up again.

Zayn: Sleeping. Since Zayn doesn't get much sleep from work, he begs you to stay in bed with him when you wake up. "Babe, please! Stay in bed with me today," he pulls you back down next to him and stroke your hair until your eyelids get heavy once again. "Zayn, I'm supposed to go to wo-," you drift into a soft sleep while he plays with your hands and kisses your face. 

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