Diary of a Awesome, Friendly girl

A story about a girl called Hannah and her mum and her live in London, Hannah is only 14 and her mum gives her a diary and on her first day of school she gets a best friend and gets a boyfriend and one day she has to choose either she wants to break up with her best friend or break up with her boyfriend, who will she pick...


1. My Diary



Dear Diary,

Today my mum got me a diary and as u can see I am writing in my diary and your reading my diary, anyway it was my first day at school and the only reason why I am a new girl at a new school was because my mum and dad had split up, so now I am staying with my mum in London and it is pretty awesome because I have seen big ben and I have been on the London Eye and my house is enormous because my mum is an M.P. When I got to school I walked up to my locker and saw a girl next to it, so I said to her Hi and she said Hi back and then we just started talking about the school we was at and I was happy that I had found a new friend, well my first friend, a few minutes later we both walked into maths class and as we all know I don't like maths, but my mum told me I had to get a good grade on my maths, plus my new friend had to get a good grade on her maths aswell, oh yer I forgot my new friend is called Scarlett, I think me and her are going to be best friends for life. After maths class was over we all ran out for break and again me and Scarlett were talking and walking. And then she told me that she was going to buy us both some toast, so i said alright.

And then a boy called Alexnder, who is one of the most popular guys in the class. And we started to talk and he told me that we should hang out, sometime, so said "Okay" And he came up with us going to the grand opening of the park at 3:25pm tomorrow. Can't wait!


See ya soon,  Hannah. xx

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