The New Cullen Member

So, this story really started when I wrote my Twilight fanfic for the competition. I thought it could have ended with another vampire joining and helping the Cullens. I also thought that the story could carry on from there, so here it is :) Enjoy :)
You can also read the first two chapters from this story in it's original home "How Breaking Dawn Should Have Ended".


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Joanna's P.O.V

I ran through the woods and heard a fight starting. I could tell from the screeching, cheering and ripping. I use to always be in fights. I'm so happy that life ended. I escaped very easily. No one could find me. Some vampires have special abilities, mine is being able to turn completely invisible. Comes in hand with hunting and fighting. That's how I won so many times. But fighting every Saturday isn't fun, I also found out we were only created to form a newborn army and in after the next fight they were going to destroy me because I was getting too old. They didn't know I had a special ability. So after the fight I slipped away and here I am now, one hundred and fifty years later, still walking on this very planet. 

I ran into the snow covered clearing to see the Volturi and an army of vampires fighting. I hope the vampires win. I spread the warmth around my body and knew I was invisible. I was always good at hiding when I was a human. I ran and punched some of the Volturi's heads off and everyone stopped in shock. It didn't take long for the Volturi to realise they were being attacked by someone who was invisible. 

The Volturi started to retreat and stood in a long. 

"We surrender!" Aro called out and the fight stopped. The Volturi's guard had shrunk by at least three quarters all thanks to me.

I stood by the non-Volturi vampires and made sure I didn't turn off my invisibility, if I did the Volturi will definitely kill me. I looked around and saw all the vampires were in a crouch, ready in case the Volturi were lying. 

"No harm done will be done to your coven, if you can prove that the child isn't an immortal child." Aro spoke. His voice echoing everywhere. 

"We can show you the child." the vampire with bronze hair and gold eyes replied and he nodded to one of the wolves. After five minutes a brown wolf trotted in with a little girl on his back. I heard her heart beat. There is no way she could be an immortal child. Her skin had a faint glow to it. Maybe she was half vampire and half human. But how? 

"Bella is her biological mother and I'm her biological father. Bella concieved and gave birth to her while she was still human." The bronze haired vampire explained. How did Bella survive? All the mothers got killed. I looked around and saw the bronze haired vampire with his arm around a vampire. That must be Bella. 

"How fascinating," Aro mused. "How do we know she won't be a danger to humans?" and at that precise moment a small vampire with short black hair skipped into the clearing with a blond vampire. Behind them two vampires followed, a male and a female. 

"This is Nahuel, he is half human and half vampire too. He isn't a threat to humans." the small vampire explained. 

"Renesmee can live, but as long as she stays away from humans. We will come by to check up on her." Aro informed them and turned around and the Volturi left. 

"There is another vampire around here, I can hear her thoughts. She is invisible. She helped us." The bronze haired vampire said to the others. At that moment I revealed myself, knowing I was safe. 

I explained everything, my whole past. They asked me if I wanted to join their coven, I accepted quickly. It wasn't nice being lonely. But if I wanted to join their coven I had to drink animal blood instead and I wasn't allowed near Renesmee until I was able to control myself. I had to go hunting whenever Bella's Dad came to visit because he was human too. 

I knew this life would be a better life. 

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